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Deacon is a character featured in Battlefield 4: Countdown to War. He was a part of a group of US Marines led by Olsen with Captain Garrison as their superior.


The youngest of Olsen's group of Marines, Deacon and his fellow Marines were previously stationed in the South China Sea for six months on pirate deterrence. In 2020, Olsen lead them with CIA Agent Kovic in the first Sino-American joint operation to safely extract the defecting Highbeam from the Chinese-North Korean border.

Upon arrival at the landing zone, Deacon took his position along with the other Marines behind Kovic as they proceeded to extract the VIP. As Highbeam approached Kovic, however, he quickly made a run for it, only to be caught by Kean. It was soon discovered, however, that Highbeam had been strapped with explosives as the immediately detonated afterward. With his leg and torso injured, Deacon was the first to make it to Kean who had been fatally wounded and abruptly died afterward, shocking him. Kovic soon recovered from the blast and rushed over to Deacon who was in a "semi-fetal" position, accusing Highbeam of being a suicide bomber. Kovic quickly dismissed these claims though and proceeded to apply a tourniquet. He then hauled Deacon over to the destroyed station wagon that Highbeam had pulled up in and took his night vision googles from him as dozens of North Korean forces ambushed them. Deacon soon succumbed to his wounds soon afterward.

Due to heavy resistance by KPA forces, Kovic was forced to leave his corpse at the landing zone along with Kean and Tex, leading to the international incident that aided in sparking the War of 2020.


  • Kovic noted that Deacon would constant remind him of his youth as he was not only the youngest but the loudest of Olsen's group of Marines.
  • Deacon seems to be a fan of music as he was typically seen wearing earbuds during mission transports.
  • Deacon admires the SIG Sauer P226 pistol.