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For the similar feature in past installments, see Emblems.

Decals are a customization option featured in Battlefield V and Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield V[]

BF1 Trash.svg Cut content
The subject of this article, Decals, has been cut from the final version of a Battlefield game.

Weapon Decals were a planned customization featured that was set to be introduced to Battlefield V in the 5v5 Gamemode. Once unlocked, they allowed players to display them on their weapons in a similar manner to Emblems.

Battlefield 2042[]

Decals are are vehicle customization options featured in Battlefield 2042. While several are unlocked by default, others may be obtained by obtaining a specific level.

Image Name Criteria
Non-Patriated Decal.jpeg Non-Patriated Default
Century of Good Times Decal.jpeg Century of Good Times Default
1st Platoon Decal.jpeg 1st Platoon Default
2nd Platoon Decal.jpeg 2nd Platoon Default
3rd Platoon Decal.jpeg 3rd Platoon Default
Requesting a Pickup Decal.jpeg Requesting a Pickup Obtain Level 37
Crossbones Decal.jpeg Crossbones Obtain Level 48
Place Shots Here Decal.jpeg Place Shots Here Obtain Level 57
White Lotus Decal.jpeg White Lotus Obtain Level 61
Good Advice Decal.jpeg Good Advice Obtain Level 64
Eff Bee Decal.jpeg Eff Bee Obtain Level 67
Royal Lion Decal.jpeg Royal Lion Obtain Level 69
Good Host Decal.jpeg Good Host Obtain Level 73
Optimist Decal.jpeg Optimist Obtain Level 76
Thunderstruck Decal.jpeg Thunderstruck Obtain Level 79
BF2042 Dev Decal.jpeg BF2042 Dev Exclusive for developers