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Deme is the protagonist and main character of the Battlefield V singleplayer war story Tirailleur. As a young man, he was a member of the Senegalese colonial contingent of the French Army, fighting to liberate the homeland in the southern France campaign of August-September 1944. However, the story is told in flashbacks, recounted without lustre by Deme as an old man.

At the beginning of the campaign, Deme is an inexperience but battle eager recruit. He fights alongside the veteran Idrissa, as his company face insurmountable odds against dug-in German positions garrisoned by elite Fallschirmjäger troops. As the story progresses, Deme's idealistic view of war is challenged by dilemmas and sacrifices. In the singleplayer trailer, he trains a rifle on a unarmed and fleeing German soldier before being stopped by Idrissa. Over time he becomes aware that his unit's bravery and personal struggles will be largely forgotten in the greater history of World War II.[1]



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