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A demolition bomb is an air-dropped munition designed to demolish buildings and hardened structures. Much of its weight consists of its explosive charge, and the bomb inflicts damage primarily through blast.[1] Since blast damage is intensified inside a building, demolition bombs may use delay fuzes instead of contact fuzes, allowing their bulk to penetrate into a target before exploding. Demolition bombs are generally not used against exposed targets on open ground, as the earth may absorb and deflect the explosion, or even cause the bomb to disintegrate.

The P.u.W. aircraft bomb, designed by the German Prufanstalt und Werft der Fliergertruppe (Test Establishment and Workshop of the Aviation Troops) during World War I, improved on earlier designs with high-grade steel manufacture, spin-stabilizing fins, centrifugal nose fuze, and streamlining to resist wobbling during freefall.[2] It was produced in sizes up to 1000 kilograms.

Battlefield 1[]

Demolition Bombs are available weapons for Bombers in Battlefield 1. The Barrage Package provides 250kg bombs, while the Torpedo Package uses 115kg bombs.

The 250kg bomb inflicts up to 150 damage on impact, and 100 additional blast damage within 4 meters. The 115kg bomb does up to 100 impact damage, and 100 blast damage within 3 meters. The bombs inflict the greatest damage after falling a minimum of 200 meters, and the blasts reach up to 8 meters from impact.

It is possible for bombers to damage themselves with these bombs should they strike unintended targets or low ground.

Battlefield V[]

Six variants of the Demolition Bomb are featured in Battlefield V: 2x 250lb Bombs, 2x 500lb Bombs, 4x 500kg Bombs, 1000Kg Bomb, and 2x 1000Kg Bombs. They are available for the Spitfire Mk Va, Blenheim Mk IF, Ju-88A, and Stuka B-1. Once deployed, they create heavy explosive damage over a large area.

The largest bomb currently available is the 1x 4000lb Bomb as a rank 4 specialization for the Mosquito FB MkVI added in Battlefield V: Lightning Strikes.