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"Operates a vehicle full of explosives"

— in-game description

Demolition Driver is a kit featured in the Incursions gamemode of Battlefield 1 in the Vehicle Operator categories. They have access to vehicles in the game.[1]


  • Role: Vehicle Operator
  • Description: Operate one of three powerful and disable-resistant vehicles. When your vehicle is destroyed, terrorize enemies with dynamite and close-range weapons.
  • Range: Close-Medium — Long
  • Skills: Vehicle, Ammo, Anti-Vehicle Explosives


Specialization (Passive)

  • Tough Parts: Vehicle components are indestructible and vehicles are driveable at all health values.

Specialization (Rank 1)

  • Logistics: Vehicle respawn speed is increased.

Specialization (Rank 2)

  • Explosive Cargo: Exiting vehicle automatically plants 3 sticks of dynamite at the current location.

Old ModelsEdit

Release 7Edit

Release 8Edit


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