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The Grenade, Hand, Anti-Tank, No. 75, known commonly as the Hawkins Grenade, was a British anti-tank grenade used during World War II. It was one of several cost effective designs to make up for the lack of anti-tank guns in the aftermath of the Dunkirk evacuation, alongside the No. 74 Sticky Bomb. Entering service in 1942, the grenade was also used by the United States Army.

Battlefield VEdit

"The No.75 Hawkins grenade works as a low power anti-tank mine, and can be thrown a longer distance than a traditional heavy anti-tank mine."

— In-game Description

The Demolition Grenade is a gadget set to be featured in Battlefield V. Added in the Summer Update, the grenade is available to all kits. The gadget functions as a low power anti-tank mine with a greater throwable range than the Anti Tank Mine or Sticky Grenade. The grenade will not explode until it comes into close proximity with a vehicle, or it is detonated by gunfire. Before it explodes, both users and enemy players can pick up the grenade like an Anti-Tank Mine to defuse it.



  • The model of the grenade is used on several United Kingdom cosmetics such as The Highlander and The Scottish Play.
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