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An example of a DMR, the M39 EMR.

A Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) is the weapon used by soldiers in the designated marksman role. The designated marksman's role fills the gap between a regular infantryman and a sniper, and DMRs have been developed with this middle-ground in mind.

These rifles have to be effective, in terms of accuracy and terminal ballistics, at ranges exceeding those of ordinary assault rifles, but do not require the extended range of a dedicated sniper rifle.

DMRs, however, often share some basic characteristics with sniper rifles in difference to the weapons carried by others in the designated marksman's unit. DMRs may have an attached scope, and quickly deployed stabilizing bipod to allow optimized accuracy.

They will retain semi-automatic firing capability (more rapid than bolt-action sniper rifles) and a larger magazine capacity of about 10 or 20 rounds, depending on the firearm in question.

Battlefield 4[]

Battlefield 4 marks the first game in which DMRs are their own distinct category of weapons.

They are similar in ballistics and purpose to their Battlefield 3 counterparts, but are now available to all classes. They now include the Zeroing function, and can equip accuracy-improving attachments such as the Heavy Barrel and Bipod, but are limited to sights with 4x or less magnification.

Battlefield 2042[]


  • DMRs are the only class of weapon in Battlefield 4 to not receive a new weapon in any of the expansions released for the game.