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"Rotterdam’s beautiful and complex architecture built tall by hands and machinery now rests scattered as heaps of rubble in Battlefield V’s Devastation map. The range, trajectory, and explosive yield of bombs dropped from above have reshaped the city into a no-man’s-land of ash and remains for soldiers to fight over."

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Devastation is a map featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the Gamescom trailer.

The map is set during the Battle of Rotterdam which was a part of the Battle of the Netherlands campaign in May 1940. The map takes place after Rotterdam, being set after the German bombing of the city on May 14th which virtually destroyed the entire city.[1] One of the few historic buildings left standing after the raid, St. Lawrence church, is featured on the map.


Devastation 01

A large bombing raid has pounded Rotterdam, transforming the formerly vibrant and scenic city into an ashen gray ruin. Rubble from collapsed buildings has spilled over the streets creating ridges out of once even ground, forming impassible barriers, or allowing for new routes through holes in some of the buildings opened up by the bombings. The city's other recognisable landmarks have been similarly ravaged, with the elevated train line severed, canals filled in with debris, and tramways buried. Virtually no building has been left untouched; some are left as metal skeletons, others as charred husks, and the rest uniformly roofless or with tattered facades. Large structures on the periphery such as the Library and Cinema are only partially recognisable. The main icon of the map, the Cathedral, has survived but has sustained significant damage.

The map is divided between five main streets that cut across the map horizontally like lanes, connecting each team's spawn points as well as the outermost landmarks. From north to south they are Boulevard, Canal Street, Checkpoint Street, Cathedral Street and Cinema Street. Between these streets are innumerable small alleys and intersections that allow infantry to traverse the devastation, while many building interiors are explorable. Vehicles will have difficulty manoeuvring with such limited road route options, as the few streets accessible to them are highly cratered and littered with obstacles.

Visibility is low on the map, as clouds of dust and smoke emanating from the debris hangs in the air, while harsh shadows are cast inside unlit building interiors. On rare occasions, an air raid will be flown over the city by German bombers, signalled by sirens and red flares. The bombs dropped by the aircraft can mortally wound players on both sides, introducing a unique environmental hazard amidst heated combat.

Flag Layout[]


Control Point Conquest Breakthrough Frontlines Frontlines Small Domination Rush Fortress
German Deployment Flag Germany 1933
Train Wreck A 3B Flag Germany 1933 B, C Flag Germany 1933 A, B C
Library B 3A Flag Germany 1933 A A A 1A
Checkpoint B
Cathedral C A C 2A B
Cathedral - West
(Cathedral - Front)
2B B A
Cathedral - East
(Cathedral - Back)
2C 2B C
Courtyard 2A
Apartments D
Cinema D 1B Flag of the United Kingdom A E 3A
Old Mall E 1A Flag of the United Kingdom B, C Flag of the United Kingdom A, B
British Deployment Flag of the United Kingdom


Battlefield V Devastation Conquest Layout

Conquest is fought between five flags, arranged in a cross shape with Cathedral at the center which each other objective is roughly equidistant from.

Each team starts a Conquest match with 700 respawn tickets and a single capture point under their control. For the Germans this is Train Wreck, and for the British it is Old Mall. These forwards spawns allow battle to be joined quickly, with the central point of Cathedral capable of being reached by either side within a minute of the round starting.

As with Rotterdam, there are no neutrally spawning vehicles and few stationary weapons. Although vehicular combat is limited, there is a maximum of one tank and two gun carrier halftracks available for spawning with Squad Reinforcements.[2]


Flag Germany 1933 Germany
Light vehicle(s)

1 Kubelwagen


1 Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack


1 Panzer 38T/Panzer IV/Flakpanzer IV/Tiger I/Sturmgeschütz IV


Stationary MG 34

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Light vehicle(s)

1 Universal Carrier


1 M3


1 Staghound T17E1/Valentine Mk VIII/Valentine AA Mk I/Churchill Mk VII/Churchill Gun Carrier/Valentine Archer




German Deployment[]

The German deployment is contained within the western sector of the map known as the Plaza, standing across the dried up Docks from the elevated Train line to the north. A line of gutted buildings blocks line of sight from Train Wreck, and shields those spawning in the Backstreets behind them from fire across the canal. However, with limited exit points and only one roadway across the waterway these streets can potentially act as chokepoints, as players leaving the spawn are forced to pass through Train Wreck on either the north or south side of the capture zone. A pre-built Stationary MG 34 on the dockside can provide covering fire against the adjacent bank should the flag be occupied.

Of the two possible spawn points, one is within the main Plaza area that connects the roadway to the Backstreets. Here, the team's Ground Vehicle Supply Station can be found along with a single Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack. Travelling south through the Backstreets leads players to Ammo and Health caches, located in the gutted buildings. The secondary spawn is further forward, at the opposite end of the roadway across the Docks and underneath a section of the elevated train line labelled as Northern Bridge. Two more supply stations are located here, along with a Kubelwagen. A trench can be built along the entire length of the Dock roadway, granting players below-ground cover when leaving the spawn.

British Deployment[]

The British spawn is on the east side of the map, in an area known as the Wasteland. Here the area has been practically bombed flat, with only the iron girder skeletons remaining of the buildings that would usually separate the three parallel streets that lead westwards towards Old Mall. The British deployment is therefore considerably more open than the German one, although this grants much more freedom of movement, allowing them to bypass the Mall completely by travelling along the map edges on the south side, through the ruined Basements, or the north side, via The Firm.

The primary spawn for the British is within the Southern Wasteland at the far end of Cinema street and in line with ruined Basement. It is located at a junction where the team's Vehicle Supply Station, two caches, and a Universal Carrier can be found. The secondary spawn is in the Northern Wasteland, amongst the foundations of a large building, now collapsed. The area is directly in line with, and one street removed from, Old Mall - the segments of still-standing wall block direct line-of-sight between the two, and give infantry players easy access to the flag. Ammunition and Medical Supply Stations are within the ruins.


A: Train Wreck[]

Train Wreck is found along the western edge of the main play area, close to the German deployment. The elevated train line cutting across that side of the map has been severed by the bombardment, derailing the burned out passenger carriages and scattering them across the adjacent roadway. A large bridged section of the track has collapsed in the middle of the capture zone, leaving an open area. Underneath the remaining structure to the north, fallen track parts and wrecked train cars form a closed off, tunnel-like zone in which there is little cover along its axis. Players can hide behind pillars, in the upturned burning carriages, or behind sandbag walls constructed underneath the bridge using Fortifications. On the north side is the only reachable section of upper platform as the line forms a sort of ramp, granting an elevated position against the surrounding lower ground.

Aside from the innermost sandbag barricades, tank traps can be built across the open section to prevent the egress of tanks coming across the dry dock, while barbed wire on the periphery can lock down access by infantry. An additional fighting position can be constructed on the southeast side, which can be used to defend the crossing points between the point and Cathedral. One of only two anti-tank guns on the map can be constructed here by Support players, which is orientated along the length of Checkpoint Street. Within the capture zone a Medical Cache can be completed under the Northern Bridge, while an Ammo Cache is found outside further to the southeast.

B: Library[]

The Library is a large building on the north side of the map center, bordered by Boulevard to the north, Canal Street to the south and the Marshes, a now drained section of the quayside, to the east. The grand, three story structure consists of raised mezzanines overlooking a central, ground level hall, above which hangs a skylight roof. The structure has been heavily damaged by the bombing, with the interior flooded with rubble, forming ramps between the severed upper floors. The flag is located around a southeastern section of the building which has been completely opened up by bombs creating an exposed area, at the sides of which are more enclosed rooms separated by solid walls and filled with bookcases - particularly restricting sightlines. These side corridors also grant elevated firing positions against the central area, although the third story is only accessible through a hole in the wall on the eastern exterior. Ground floor accessibility can be found on all four sides.

Most of the entry points can be blocked in some fashion using fortifications. The main entrance on the west side can be blockaded with two lines of obstacles, while around the southern opening joined to Canal - West and the northern Boulevard entrance, vaultable wooden barricades can be erected. To prevent access to the third floor, more barricades can be placed over the entryway. The railings at the edges of the mezzanines can be reinforced with wooden barricades for extra cover.

As for resupply, the Medical station is buildable on the northeast side of the second story mezzanine while the Ammo station is outside the building to the southwest, at one end of a bridge over the canal. Another Ammo cache can be constructed inside a shop at the eastern end of the Neon alleyway, west of the Library. One of only two neutral Vehicle Repair Stations is also nearby, along the dockside of Marshes further east of the flag.

C: Cathedral[]

The main landmark on Devastation is the Cathedral, located in the direct center of the cityscape. It is by far the largest structure on the map at over 100m length, although the capture zone only encompasses the middle section of the vast interior. The main chamber is divided by great ridges of timber formed from fallen section of the roof, which divides up the space inside the Cathedral considerably. Although these debris piles and the exterior walls are indestructible, there are a large number of entryways into the capture zone. The main entrance is on the east side, with double doors opening into a small lobby, the Narthex, located directly underneath the shattered belltower. Nearby are two enclosed staircases up to a balcony for the Cathedral's massive pipe organ, which can also be reached using a collapsed section of roof to the north - the balcony can be used to defend both the entry lobby and the main chamber from on high. Within said main chamber, there are seven possibly entry points - three on the north side, three on the south, and one large opening to the west.

Inside the capture zone, players are generally exposed to fire along the length of the area, as near the flag itself a large rubble pile blocks sightlines from north to south. Around the edges of the room are side aisles, which provide cover in the form of side chambers created by pillars and wall dividers. The east side in front of the pipe organ is mostly devoid of cover, while on the west side a partially fenced off sarcophagus creates three separate lanes of ingress around the Cathedral's apse.

Only some of the entryways into the Cathedral can be blocked with sandbag barricades, such as the western opening, the south central entrance from Cathedral Street, and the northeast entrance at the end of Checkpoint Street. The frontal Cathedral steps can be heavily reinforced also, whilst amongst the central chamber the occasional sandbag and wooden barricade can be erected for rudimentary cover. There are two Medical Caches inside the church, one at either end of the central chamber, lengthways. One Ammo Station is found across the road to the south near Courtyard, while another is located outside the north central entrance around Checkpoint - this is another potentially well-fortified positioned, where the entire junction can be blocked with sandbags, barbed wire and tank traps, backed by a pair of oppositely orientated HMGs.

D: Cinema[]

The Cinema objective is found to the south of the central block, separated from the Cathedral to the north by a line of ruined Apartments, and bordered to the south by Cinema Street and the map boundary. Similar to Library, the Cinema was once a multi-story structure cleaved apart by the bombing, leaving a crimson velvet interior charred and in tatters. The smallest of the capture zones, the building is considerably more enclosed than Library, but shares a similar layout. The main entrance is on the west side, although breakages in the wall reveal alternate points of entry on the three other sides. The small lobby gives way to the screening room, in which rows of seats covered in debris line an otherwise open chamber. The area is constructed on a slope, with the ground gently falling towards the stage at the east end of the room. Above the west side is a small section of balcony overlooking the box seats, accessible by a rubble ramp in the lobby or a buildable rope ladder outside the northern wall entryway - the area is overlooked partially one of the Apartments to the north. On the northeast side, a hole in the wall links an adjoining building and provides a narrow ingress from Café Street. Outside the southern entryway is a comparably narrow alleyway that runs the length of the building.

In terms of fortifications, all entryways can be barricaded with sandbag and wooden structures, with those around the main entrance lobby and its exterior being the most substantial. The upper balcony railings can be reinforced with cover, and the Apartments to the north can be similarly reinforced. A Medical Station can be constructed near the stage in the screening room, with the nearest Ammo Cache being outside the building at the south end of Café Street. One more of each type are located in a Courtyard across the road from the Cinema's main entrance. Also nearby Cinema - Front is the second Vehicle Repair Station of the map proper, lying on a connecting street to the south.

E: Old Mall[]

The Old Mall is located on the northeast side of the map. Formerly a large commercial complex, the area has been stripped bare leaving only orphaned sections of exterior walls surrounding a large, barren concrete foundation cratered in places by bombs. The area is split into several levels. Below ground is the remains of a department store - it is mostly caved in with rubble but the main entrances around the north and southwest of the capture zone are still accessible, with an open-roofed trench running through the debris, linking the two refuges. Rubble ramps from the underground and around the perimeter lead to the main floor, which is considerably more open and mostly devoid of cover except on the periphery where structural remnants, half-rooms and piles of debris break up firing lines. These structures, most notably on the northeast and west side, have upper platforms that can be reached and used to fire down into the open capture zone or the similarly open streets below.

As with other objectives, the main entrances to the flag capture zone can be blocked using fortifications. These come in the form of short sandbag and wire barriers above ground, tall sandbag walls below ground, and tank traps on the streets outside. Interior fighting positions can also be constructed, such as a sandbag fortress on the lip of the northern ruin, and an inward-looking HMG emplacement on the southwestern raised section. A Medical Cache can be constructed inside the capture zone on the south side of the second story. Two Ammo Stations can be built nearby. The first is at the intersection between Cathedral and Café Street, around which a formidable roadblock of sandbag walls, barbed wire and tank traps can be built. The second is to the direct north of Old Mall, inside a the remains of a ruined high rise called The Firm. This latter area looks out onto the Cathedral - Front and Checkpoint street, with another Vickers gun and a 6 Pounder capable of being built here. To the northwest on the edge of the Marshes in an extra Medical Station.

Grand Operations[]

Battlefield V Devastation Grand Operations - Frontlines Layout

Devastation is the second map in the Raid on Rotterdam Grand Operation, following Rotterdam.[3]


The third day of Operations uses the Frontlines game type, in a layout that is different from the 32-player "Frontlines Small" mode. There is only one central capture point - taking it gives the conquering team a shot at destroying any of the three enemy base objectives.

No vehicles are available in this mode, except for one slot available for a reinforcement tank call-in.

German Headquarters[]

Falling back from the Cathedral, the Germans return to their Conquest deployment point on the opposite side of the Docks on the map's western edge. Of there three strategic objectives, the first is located at the eastern end of Neon alley. While slightly more open than Café, it is still highly defensible, with an upper story ruined across from Library - Front potentially proving a decisive fighting position. Objective B is found near Train Wreck, underneath the burning overpass and amongst the derailed train cars on the south side of the point. Pre-built fortifications, including a Pak 40 AT-gun can be utilized to hold defenders from crossing from Cathedral, though they still may flank along the south by following the elevated line. Objective C is directly north, at the lower end of the track ramp leading from Northern Bridge and at the opposite end of Neon. Although closest to the main German spawn, any approach from there must be made by wading through the morass of the Docks, or by running across the exposed roadway. Two Vickers guns are emplaced nearby to keep attackers away.

A: Cathedral[]

The battle is primarily fought over the central Cathedral, with a capture zone that has been enlarged from Conquest to cover almost the entirety of the building interior. Players can either stick close to the flagpole to better influence capture, command the high ground from the pipe organ balcony, or flank around the sides of the building to attack clusters of enemies looking in the opposite direction.

British Headquarters[]

When the British team loses control of the central point, they are pushed back to their Conquest deployment in the Northern Wasteland, with the team's three objectives are located between the Cinema and Old Mall. Objective A is furthest forward, in the middle of Café Street. The narrow alleyway has limited entrypoints making it easy to defend, so long as the defenders arrive there in sufficient numbers before the attackers do. Objective B is below ground at the Old Mall, inside the surviving department store entrance on the south side. Attackers must cross a street to reach it and so are left vulnerable, while the inside area around the display car can be heavily fortified. The last objective is to the southeast, around Basement. As the name suggests, the objective is located below ground in the basement of a building that has otherwise disappeared. It lies between open streets, and can be covered from the upper floor of Old Mall if required.

Final Stand[]

The tie-breaking conclusion of Grand Operations takes place on the fourth day of operations, and in the post-bombing atmosphere visibility is reduced by particle-heavy smoke.


The Germans start the battle along the dockside on the map's western edge, with some team members spawning ahead at Train Wreck, or along the northern flank near Library.

The British team start by the Wasteland to the east, with further players being deposited either at Basement or at the south end of Café Street, southeast of Cinema.


A box barrage of shrinking size directs both teams towards the map center - specifically the Cathedral, the interior of which contains the only two Ammo Caches. The British team can initially use the balcony to their advantage against Germans entering from inside. Both sides can attempt flanking manoeuvres for only a limited amount of time as eventually the zone contracts further around the building, preventing players from going outside at all.


Regardless of whichever team ultimately wins the day, the outcome is the same. The Dutch government, threatened with the destruction of its other major cities, opts to surrender to the Germans, with the British evacuating the country's royal family to England. It is the first step towards total German domination in Europe, which based on the outcomes of Battle for France, appears inevitable.


Breakthrough on Devastation is an infantry-focused battle, taking place over three sectors. Although one of the shorter maps in terms of number of sectors, the second sector is made up of three objectives, and is therefore much more difficult to overcome than most others.

As such, attackers are provided 300 tickets to achieve a breakthrough.

Although there are no vehicles provided as default, a tank and two halftracks can be called in as reinforcements.

Sector 1[]

The first sector is made up an objective pair. Objective A is set around the Old Mall, and Objective B the Cinema. The capture areas are largely unchanged for Conquest, although Fortifications such as the upper story Vickers gun have been pre-built around the mission site.

Sector 2[]

Sector two expands to three objective requiring concurrent capture. Objective A is the Courtyard, found across the street from the main entrance of Cinema. The capture are is small and has few entrances, although its isolation can make it difficult for defenders to reach in force. The two other objectives are inside the Cathedral. B, Cathedral - West, is located between the central rubble pile, the sarcophagus enclosure, and the large breach in the wall from Cathedral Street. Objective C, Cathedral - East, is centered around the other breach on the opposite, north side, along the street east of Checkpoint. It does not include the pipe organ balcony area. Both capture points are roughly the same size, and are separated from each other's sight by the caved in roof.

Sector 3[]

The final two objectives take place around Library and Train Wreck. As in the first sector, capture zones are consistent with Conquest with the exception of pre-built fortifications.

Squad Conquest[]

BF5 Devastation Squad Conquest Layout

Squad Conquest became available on Devastation, along with Narvik, on July 4th, 2019 in Defying The Odds Update #2. The play area is a rough diagonal through the Cathedral and the map center to each team's Conquest spawns, with boundaries consolidating routes into three lanes, namely Checkpoint Street, Cathedral Street and the Cathedral interior inbetween.

Each team is allotted 160 tickets to start with.


German Deployment[]

Each team has had their deployment sides swapped relative to their placement in regular Conquest, meaning the Germans now spawn on the northeast side of the map to the north of Old Mall.

British Deployment[]

The British spawn is on the south side of the Docks area. A Heavy Machine Gun is set up on the Plaza Roadway for lateral defense of the northern bank.


A: Train Wreck[]

The Train Wreck objective has been shifted out from underneath the rail overpass and into the gap created by a collapsed section. The capture zone is also much smaller than in Conquest, leaving little choice for cover. Health and Ammo Stations can be found nearby to the east.

B: Cathedral[]

The capture zone for the middle flag comprises a small area in the central transcept of the building that extends across its width from the side door entrance in from Checkpoint to the broken wall outside of Cathedral Street. The rubble pile divides sightlines horizontally but those in the capture zone may still be exposed to fire from the pipe organ balcony.

The nearby Checkpoint can offer a defensive position to screen against flanks for either team, due to the emplacement of two oppositely facing HMGs that cover the street's length. A pair of resupply stations can be found on each side of the capture zone. The cathedral's west side can be fortified with sandbags to protect against attackers from A and provide firing positions for the defenders.

C: Old Mall[]

The Old Mall flag is located in the center of the cracked ceiling of the department store, and includes the ledge overlook against the upper storey's south wall. The flag can also be captured from the shop below, where Health and Ammo Stations can be accessed.

Team Deathmatch[]

Team Deathmatch is centered around the bombed out Wastelandon the north side of the map. The Southern Wasteland against the map's edges that includes the area around Ruined Basement, in addition to The Firm to the north and Café Street inbetween, are all accessible.


Battlefield V Devastation Frontlines Layout

As stated above, this version of Frontlines uses a different objective layout to the one presented in Grand Operations. This time, reaching the end of a sequential row of five capture points renders the opposing team's pair of objectives vulnerable to demolition. It should be noted that the objectives are very close together, usually one street over from the last in sequence. In effect, this means large numbers of players may reach points well before they unlock, leaving little opportunity for fortification.

As in Grand Operations Frontlines, no vehicles as provided as default, but a single tank can be called in with squad points to assist.

German Headquarters[]

The two objectives of the German HQ area are located in the same positions as their Grand Operation Frontlines objectives of B and C, respectively. Objective A is beneath the track to the south of Train Wreck, and B is to the north located by Northern Bridge.

A: Library[]

The Library objective is centered around the Library building on the map's north side. The capture zone has actually been expanded over its Conquest version to reach outside the building's structure, encompassing the part of Boulevard as well as the street outside Library - Front.

B: Checkpoint[]

The Checkpoint objective is located in the street bordering the Cathedral to the north. The large capture zone encompasses much of the surrounding area between the two bridges over the Canal, including the destroyed apartment block between them and the Checkpoint itself. The flag can also be captured from inside the canal itself.

C: Cathedral[]

The middle Cathedral objective is, appropriately, found in the middle of the map. Its boundaries are largely the same as in Conquest, meaning the flag must be captured from the main chamber.

D: Apartments[]

Apartments encompasses the ground between Cinema and Cathedral, and includes Cathedral Street, Courtyard and the ruined buildings betwixt. Of note is the Connector, a path carved through the Apartment block to the north side of Cinema, with a wooden gangplack needing to be built to traverse the gap. The Apartment buildings consist of ruined hallway with adjoining rooms. Some have been completely destroyed by the bombing, leaving only an open doorway and a rubble ramp down to street level. Others, such as the one overlooking Cinema, have only a partial number of walls or gaps in the floor. The rest are either mostly intact or inaccessible.

E: Cinema[]

The Cinema objective is located to the south, and again is mostly the same but with an enlarged capture radius, which now includes the building exterior, the surrounding alleyways, and the Café street.

British Headquarters[]

The British objectives are located in the same positions as the team's Grand Operation Frontlines objectives of C and B, respectively - namely, objective A is in the area labelled as Basement to the northeast of Cinema, and objective B is within the department store entrance of Old Mall, to the north.


Battlefield V Devastation Domination Layout

Domination takes place around the west side of the map. Aside from a short section to the west end of Cathedral Street that allows flanking around part of the church, everything south and east of the Cathedral itself is out of bounds.

A: Library[]

The Library objective is located around the east side of the Library building, with the capture zone including a section of the second and third floors as they extend back to the eastern outer wall. The zone otherwise requires players to seize the objective from the central, exposed "ground floor".

B: Cathedral - West[]

The smallest of the three objectives, Cathedral - West is centered around the gated-off tomb near the western end of the church. Players must go inside the fencing to capture the point.

C: Train Wreck[]

Train Wreck is around its usual position on the southwest edge of the map. Its capture boundaries are about the same as in Conquest.


Rush was first available on Devastation, alongside Narvik and Twisted Steel, between March 7th to 20th, 2019 as part of Tides of War, Lightning Strikes.

Sector 1[]

The Germans, attacking out of Northern Bridge and Train Wreck, advance upon the British first line at the Library. The attackers are funnelled down three lanes, namely the Boulevard, Neon alley ruins and the Canal, which reduce their opportunities for flanking, however map boundaries allow the Library building to be infiltrated from all possible directions. The British can heavily fortify the Library which on its own provides ample high ground defensive positions, but with their main spawn several hundred meters away at the Cathedral, squad wipes are particularly punishing for them.

Objective A is on the second floor of the Library's west side, directly above the main entrance. Its position on a higher level limits access to attackers, and can be covered from the third level. Objective B is at the opposite end of the building, tucked into the northeast corner of the ground floor. It is situated directly next to a breach in the wall for attackers to potentially ingress through.

At this and all subsequent stages, the Germans have a single light vehicle to use - a Kettenkrad.

Sector 2[]

Sector two shifts the telegraphs to the Cathedral interior. Of the pair, objective A is on the ground floor just inside the breach of the south wall. The objective is positioned next to the massive rubble pile in the church's transept, limiting line of sight from Cathedral Street to the south and the attackers' main points of access on the northern end of the transept. Objective B is located above ground level on the pipe organ balcony that overlooks the Cathedral's main entrance on the east side, and not the upper balcony that looks out onto the main chamber. The point may prove difficult to attack for the Germans due to their being only three possible ways up, as the defenders can build obstructions to the two staircases to prevent access.

The cathedral has a number of alterations also present in Fortress, such as scaffolding around the exterior that allows players to take positions above ground and shoot into the Cathedral chamber through the windows. Such a position outside the southern wall can be very useful for protecting objective A.

Sector 3[]

The last phase takes place at the Cinema further south. Objective A is found half way along Cafe Street outside the building's east wall. Its location allows for a linear defense of the alley by the British, although the gutted buildings on the west side of the alley between the objective and the defender's spawn can be infiltrated by attackers. Alternatively, the Germans may advance through the perpendicular alleyway between the Cinema building and Cinema Street. Objective B is inside the lobby of the Cinema itself. The indestructible walls limit routes in for attackers, and the objective can be defended effectively from the ramp up to the eastern balcony.


BF5 Devastation Grind Layout

Grind was available on Devastation from April 18th, 2019 to April 24th, 2019, along with Narvik, Rotterdam and Twisted Steel. Unlike the latter maps which concentrated the play area to a single linear structure such as a bridge or dock, Devastation restricts play to a linear section of the ruined town center, with emphasis placed on the Cathedral. Although map boundaries prevent the players from going farther east or west than the church itself, the surrounding streets and many routes through the cathedral building, most of which have been provided by structural changes exclusive to the mode like scaffolding or extra rubble ramps, allows for greater opportunities for bypassing the frontline laterally rather than vertically.


German Deployment[]

The Germans initially deploy to the northwest of the Cathedral in the Neon alley west of Library. After the match starts they have the option of spawning by the Marshes to the east the point.

British Deployment[]

The British deploy from the southwest corner, at the far end of Café Street adjacent to the Cinema. Their secondary spawn is in the alley between the building and Cinema Street.


A: Library[]

The Library flag and its large capture zone allows the flag to be influenced from anywhere inside the building including its upper floors, as well as the direct exteriors just outside the east and south wall.

B: Cathedral[]

The central flag of Cathedral has a capture zone similar to Conquest, concentrated within the rubble pile in the transcept between the north and south entrances. The rubble initially prevents teams from seeing each other directly as they pile into the capture zone, with combat consisting of securing flanking routes or engaging from unexpected angles. This can be from the narthex, the upper balcony around the pipe organ or, exclusive to this mode, through may of the church windows due to the addition of scaffolding on the outside.

C: Cinema[]

The Cinema flag is the smallest capture zone of the three, but still includes the whole of the viewing area interior, the upper stands, and the lobby.


Fortress first became playable on Devastation, as well as Hamada, as a limited time game mode during week eight of Tides of War, Trial By Fire, between May 16th and 23rd, 2019.

In the gamemode, the German attackers must take control of the Cathedral from the British by concurrently securing three sectors to the front, side and rear of the structure. They start with 250 respawn tickets.


German Deployment[]

The Germans deploy from the dried-up Docks north of Train Wreck. They spawn around a corner from Cathedral - Front, preventing them from being spawn camped, although Canal Street to their direct east is off-limits to flankers, forcing them to make a frontal assault. However, the team's out-of-bounds protection extends from Train Wreck along the elevated train line to the south, permitting Cathedral - Front to be bypassed by some degree.

British Deployment[]

The British spawn is in the Mall to the east of Cathedral - Back. Their main route of approach is through the Cathedral main entrance, although this is partially blocked with pre-built sandbag and barbed wire fortifications. The western exterior of the Cathedral is all within the British spawn protected area.


A: Cathedral - Front[]

The Cathedral - Front objective is found on the west end of the Cathedral building. The flag is centered around a crack in the wall of the ambulatory section, which is the main access point in from the Cathedral rear. Although the flag can be held from inside as far back as the chancel, which contains the point's Ammo and Health caches, the capture zone extends outside the wall some distance, conforming around the remnants of the outer brick wall.

The front of the Cathedral is heavily reinforced with sandbag walls which form the west side of the capture point. There is also scaffolding on the building exterior which allows defenders an elevated overwatch position against the adjacent street. There are three Stationary HMGs in the vicinity, two of which are emplaced within the barricades on Checkpoint Street.

B: Cathedral[]

The central Cathedral objective is located along the southern wall of the structure. The capture zone is orientated along the breach in the wall onto Cathedral Street, and covers both the interior around the breach as well as the width of the street itself. It is the smallest of the three capture zones.

Inside the building, the area around the breach is built up with sandbags, with an HMG set up on the rubble pile facing Cathedral - Front. The street is further reinforced with a trench line across the street width, covered by an additional HMG and wired with multiple rows of barbed wire along its western approach. Ammo and Health caches are embedded within the trench.

C: Cathedral - Back[]

Cathedral - Back is located around the main entrance and pipe organ on the east side of the building. The flag can be captured from both ground floor level and the balcony above. There are three routes up, which can be blocked with fortifications as usual.

The pipe organ has a scaffolding along its outer face which grants additional space for players covering the Cathedral interior from above. In addition to health and ammo stations within the structure, there is also a strongpoint outside at the end of Checkpoint Street which contains an HMG position and another medical station.

Developer Notes[]

"Devastation is taking place in the aftermath of the bombing of Rotterdam. What once was a beautiful city is now a devastated landscape of ruins, metal skeletons and dusty streets. Iconic and once thriving places like the Library, Cathedral, Cinema and Mall are now scenery of frantic close quarter fighting while tanks are patrolling the scared streets.

Finding you way secretly through the ruins and making use of verticality is key for flanking the enemy. Especially since each point can be heavily fortified and locked down by just one squad. Controlling the Cathedral might be the key to victory, but don’t forget the other capture points. The enemy can always find a way around." Battlefield V Launch Notes



  • The map's internal name is MP_Devastation.
  • On rare occasions, a bombing raid will take place on the map. Red flares will be shot into the sky, air-raid sirens can be heard, and bombers will drop bombs onto the battlefield. The bombs will fall onto the playable area and can damage any player.[4]
  • In the 6.2 update, a Katana was added in the supply drop stuck on the churches ceiling at the C Flag. Shooting the supply drop and it will fall down. This only occur once though the entire match.[5]