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===Flag Layout==
===Flag Layout===

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Devastation is a map set to be featured in Battlefield V. The map is set during the Battle of Rotterdam which was a part of the Battle of the Netherlands campaign in May 1940. The map takes place after Rotterdam, being set after the German bombing of the city on May 14th which virtually destroyed the entire city. One of the few historic buildings left standing after the raid, St. Lawrence church, is featured on the map.


Flag Layout


File:Battlefield V Devastation Conquest Layout.jpg



A: Train Wreck

B: Library

C: Cathedral

D: Cinema

E: Old Mall

Grand Operations

Battlefield V Devastation Frontlines Layout

Devastation is the second map in the Battle of Holland Grand Operations, following Rotterdam.[1]


The third day of Operations uses the Frontlines game type. There is only one central capture point - taking it gives the conquering team a shot at destroying any of the three enemy base objectives by escorting a Bomb to its location.

Final Stand

The tie-breaking conclusion of Grand Operations.


Battlefield V Devastation Frontlines Layout

This version uses a different objective layout to the one presented in Grand Operations. This time, reaching the end of a sequential row of five capture points renders the opposing team's pair of objectives vulnerable to demolition.


Battlefield V Devastation Domination Layout

Domination takes place around the west side of the map.



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