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"Rotterdam’s beautiful and complex architecture built tall by hands and machinery now rests scattered as heaps of rubble in Battlefield V’s Devastation map. The range, trajectory, and explosive yield of bombs dropped from above have reshaped the city into a no-man’s-land of ash and remains for soldiers to fight over."

Official Blog

Devastation is a map featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in the Gamescom trailer.

The map is set during the Battle of Rotterdam which was a part of the Battle of the Netherlands campaign in May 1940. The map takes place after Rotterdam, being set after the German bombing of the city on May 14th which virtually destroyed the entire city. One of the few historic buildings left standing after the raid, St. Lawrence church, is featured on the map.


Flag Layout

Boulevard, Canal, Checkpoint, Cathedral, Cinema No neutral spawn


Battlefield V Devastation Conquest Layout

with a maximum of one tank and two gun carrier halftracks available for spawning with Squad Reinforcements.[2]


Flag Germany 1933 Germany
Light vehicle(s)

1 Kubelwagen


1 Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack


1 Panzer 38t/Panzer IV/Flakpanzer IV/Tiger I


Pak 40

Flag of the United Kingdom United Kingdom
Light vehicle(s)

1 Universal Carrier


1 M3


1 Staghound T17E1/Valentine Mk VIII/Valentine AA Mk I/Churchill Mk VII/Churchill Gun Carrier


6 Pounder




German Deployment

The German deployment is contained within the western sector of the map known as the Plaza, standing across the dried up Docks from the elevated Train line to the north. A line of gutted buildings blocks line of sight from Train Wreck, and shields those spawning in the Backstreets behind them from fire across the canal. However with limited exit points and only one roadway across the waterway these streets can potentially act as chokepoints, as players leaving the spawn are forced to pass through Train Wreck on either the north or south side of the capture zone. A pre-built Vickers HMG on the dockside can provide covering fire against the adjacent bank should the flag be occupied.

Of the two possible spawn points, one is within the main Plaza area that connects the roadway to the Backstreets. Here, the team's Ground Vehicle Supply Station can be found along with a single Sd. Kfz 251 Halftrack. Travelling south through the Backstreets leads players to Ammo and Health caches, located in the gutted buildings. The secondary spawn is further forward, at the opposite end of the roadway across the Docks and underneath a section of the elevated train line. Two more supply stations are located here, along with a Kubelwagen. A trench can be built along the entire length of the Dock roadway, granting players below-ground cover when leaving the spawn.

British Deployment

The British spawn is on the east side of the map, in an area known as the Wasteland. Here the area has been practically bombed flat, with only the iron girder skeletons remaining of the buildings that would usually separate the three parallel streets that lead westwards towards Old Mall. The British deployment is therefore considerably more open than the German one, although this grants much more freedom of movement, allowing them to bypass the Mall completely by travelling along the map edges on the south side, through the ruined Basements, or the north side, via The Firm.

The primary spawn for the British is in the Northern Wasteland, amongst the foundations of a large building, now collapsed. The area is directly in line with, and one street removed from, Old Mall - the segments of still-standing wall block direct line-of-sight between the two. Ammunition and Medical Supply Stations are within the ruins. The secondary spawn is within the Southern Wasteland at the far end of Cinema street and in line with ruined Basement. It is located at a junction where the team's Vehicle Supply Station, two caches, and a Universal Carrier can be found.

A: Train Wreck

Train Wreck is found along the western edge of the main play area, close to the German deployment. The elevated train line cutting across that side of the map has been severed by the bombardment, derailing the burned out passenger carriages and scattering them across the adjacent roadway. A large bridged section of the track has collapsed in the middle of the capture zone, leaving an open area. Underneath the remaining structure to the north, fallen track parts and wrecked train cars form a closed off, tunnel-like zone in which there is little cover along its axis. Players can hide behind pillars, in the upturned burning carriages, or behind sandbag walls constructed underneath the bridge using Fortifications. On the north side is the only reachable section of upper platform as the line forms a sort of ramp, granting an elevated position against the surrounding lower ground.

Aside from the innermost sandbag barricades, tank traps can be built across the open section to prevent the egress of tanks coming across the dry dock, while barbed wire on the periphery can lock down access by infantry. An additional fighting position can be constructed on the southeast side, which can be used to defend the crossing points between the point and Cathedral. The only anti-tank gun on the map can be constructed here by Support players, which is orientated along the length of Checkpoint Street. Within the capture zone a Medical Cache can be completed under the Northern Bridge, while an Ammo Cache is found outside further to the southeast.

B: Library

The Library is a large building on the north side of the map center, bordered by Boulevard to the north, Canal Street to the south and the Marshes, a now drained section of the quayside, to the east. The grand, three story structure consists of raised mezzanines overlooking a central, ground level hall, above which hangs a skylight roof. The structure has been heavily damaged by the bombing, with the interior flooded with rubble, forming ramps between the severed upper floors. The flag is located around a southeastern section of the building which has been completely opened up by bombs creating an exposed area, at the sides of which are more enclosed rooms separated by solid walls and filled with bookcases - particularly restricting sightlines. These side corridors also grant elevated firing positions against the central area, although the third story is only accessible through a hole in the wall on the eastern exterior. Ground floor accessibility can be found on all four sides.

Most of the entry points can be blocked in some fashion using fortifications. The main entrance on the west side can be blockaded with two lines of obstacles, while around the southern opening joined to Canal - West and the northern Boulevard entrance, vaultable wooden barricades can be erected. To prevent access to the third floor, more barricades can be placed over the entryway. The railings at the edges of the mezzanines can be reinforced with wooden barricades for extra cover.

As for resupply, the Medical station is buildable on the northeast side of the second story mezzanine while the Ammo station is outside the building to the southwest, at one end of a bridge over the canal. Another Ammo cache can be constructed inside a shop at the eastern end of the Neon alleyway, west of the Library. One of only two neutral Vehicle Repair Stations is also nearby, along the dockside of Marshes further east of the flag.

C: Cathedral

D: Cinema

E: Old Mall

The Old Mall is located on the northeast side of the map. Formerly a large commercial complex, the area has been stripped bare leaving only orphaned sections of exterior walls surrounding a large, barren concrete foundation cratered in places by bombs. The area is split into several levels. Below ground is the remains of a department store - it is mostly caved in with rubble but the main entrances around the north and southwest of the capture zone are still accessible, with an open-roofed trench running through the debris, linking the two refuges. Rubble ramps from the underground and around the perimeter lead to the main floor, which is considerably more open and mostly devoid of cover except on the periphery where structural remnants, half-rooms and piles of debris break up firing lines. These structures, most notably on the northeast and west side, have upper platforms that can be reached and used to fire down into the open capture zone or the similarly open streets below.

As with other objectives, the main entrances to the flag capture zone can be blocked using fortifications. These come in the form of short sandbag and wire barriers above ground, tall sandbag walls below ground, and tank traps on the streets outside. Interior fighting positions can also be constructed, such as a sandbag fortress on the lip of the northern ruin, and an inward-looking HMG emplacement on the southwestern raised section. A Medical Cache can be constructed inside the capture zone on the south side of the second story. Two Ammo Stations can be built nearby. The first is at the intersection between Cathedral and Café Street, around which a formidable roadblock of sandbag walls, barbed wire and tank traps can be built. The second is to the direct north of Old Mall, inside a the remains of a ruined high rise called The Firm. This latter area looks out onto the Cathedral - Front and Checkpoint street, with another Vickers gun capable of being built here.

Grand Operations

Battlefield V Devastation Grand Operations - Frontlines Layout

Devastation is the second map in the Raid on Rotterdam Grand Operation, following Rotterdam.[3]


The third day of Operations uses the Frontlines game type. There is only one central capture point - taking it gives the conquering team a shot at destroying any of the three enemy base objectives by escorting a Bomb to its location.

No vehicles are available in this mode, except for one slot available for a reinforcement tank call-in.

Final Stand

The tie-breaking conclusion of Grand Operations.


Although there are no vehicles provided as default, a tank and two halftracks can be called in as reinforcements.

Sector 1

Sector 2

Sector 3


Battlefield V Devastation Frontlines Layout

This version uses a different objective layout to the one presented in Grand Operations. This time, reaching the end of a sequential row of five capture points renders the opposing team's pair of objectives vulnerable to demolition.

As in Grand Operations Frontlines, no vehicles as provided as default, but a single tank can be called in with squad points to assist.


Battlefield V Devastation Domination Layout

Domination takes place around the west side of the map.

Developer Notes

"Devastation is taking place in the aftermath of the bombing of Rotterdam. What once was a beautiful city is now a devastated landscape of ruins, metal skeletons and dusty streets. Iconic and once thriving places like the Library, Cathedral, Cinema and Mall are now scenery of frantic close quarter fighting while tanks are patrolling the scared streets.

Finding you way secretly through the ruins and making use of verticality is key for flanking the enemy. Especially since each point can be heavily fortified and locked down by just one squad. Controlling the Cathedral might be the key to victory, but don’t forget the other capture points. The enemy can always find a way around." Battlefield V Launch Notes



  • On rare occasion, a bombing raid will take place on the map. Red flares will be shot into the sky, air-raid sirens can be heard, and bombers will drop bombs onto the battlefield. The bombs will fall onto the playable area and can damage any player.[4]


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