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DICE Los Angeles, formerly DreamWorks Interactive LLC, EA Los Angeles, and Danger Close Games, is an American video game developer and subsidiary of DICE. The company is stationed in Los Angeles, California and is owned by Electronic Arts. It is primary known for its work on the Medal of Honor series, Command and Conquer series, and Battlefield franchises.

History[edit | edit source]

The studio released its first great success, the original Medal of Honor, in 1999 for the PlayStation. The studio was acquired in 2000 by Electronic Arts and then subsequently merged with Westwood Studios and EA Pacific and renamed to EA Los Angeles in 2003.

EA Los Angeles rebranded as Danger Close Games in 2010 with the intent of using the name Danger Close for all future Medal of Honor titles, and under which they went on to release Medal of Honor (2010), a modern take on the franchise. The studio also assisted in the development of Battlefield 3 at the time.[1]

Following successful sales of Medal of Honor (2010), the studio released Medal of Honor: Warfighter in late 2012. Following poor sales, however, much of the staff was laid off and the studio was subsequently rebranded as DICE LA in April 2013.[2]

The reformed studio helped in development of Battlefield 4 and led the development of the Second Assault, Dragon's Teeth, Final Stand, and Operations expansions. Additionally they developed the Community Test Environment. The studio also developed post-launch content and a competitive mode for Battlefield 1, Battlefield V and Battlefield (2021).

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