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A Dinghy is a small boat, often carried by a larger vessel for use as a lifeboat or tender. They can be powered by an outboard motor as well as by oar or sail, and constructed from a wide range of materials including wood, rubber and fiberglass.

Battlefield V[]

"Named after small rowing boats found in the early 19th century among the rivers of India, this craft will easily traverse across calm waters."

— In-game description

The Dinghy is a vehicle introduced to Battlefield V in the Tides of War chapter. War in the Pacific. The vehicle was first seen in the Battlefield V – War in the Pacific Official Trailer. The naval vessel is powered by an outboard motor controlled by a pilot, and can seat three other passengers who may use their infantry weapons - the vehicle is otherwise unarmed. The vessel can act as a mobile spawn point for players when occupied, similar to a halftrack or LCVP.

The dinghy's high speed and shallow draft allow it to skip a fair distance up an incline, or skim completely over small footbridges such as those on Solomon Islands. In other cases, it may suffer considerable damage from collision. Passengers who are killed may remain seated in the dinghy unless pushed out by further incoming fire (and possibly other players that enter the vehicle). 

The Dinghy in comparison to other vehicles is incredibly fragile, With it be able to be destroyed by any launcher available to the player.

The ability to push a beached dinghy using Melee attack returns from previous titles.