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Distant Enemy Activity is a Letter featured Battlefield V. It is found in the chapter Turning Point of The Last Tiger War Story.


Day 31

How long can human beings keep up with their daily lives while it all falls apart around them?

From up here in my sniper's nest I see hungry children scouring the streets for food and coal amongst the burned buildings, and yet the pretense of daily, civilised life continues. Perhaps it is not religion but routine that is the real opiate of the masses.

The Luftwaffe barely has a presence in the skies above us now, and the signs of distant enemy activity continue day and night.

The Americans are about to make their big push, I am sure of it. It will come any day now, any hour. I sit behind my rifle and wait. It's like waiting in the sweltering heat for the storm to break and the skies to open. You know it's going to happen, HAS to happen.

And yet, the mercury in the barometer continues to rise, and [all]] you can do is wait, wait, wait...

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