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Domination is a gamemode featured in several installments of the Battlefield series. It is a smaller, fast-paced variant of the Conquest gamemode.


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Domination functions in a very similar manner to Conquest. The gamemode has no uncap bases and players cannot spawn on captured control points, instead randomly spawning around the map or on squadmates. Due to its smaller scale, maps typically feature only three objectives that are in relative proximity from each other. Control Points capture significantly faster than in regular Conquest, and no vehicles spawn on the map. Ticket bleed is still inflicted by owning over half of the Control Points on the map, and the first team to reduce the enemy's ticket count to zero or have a greater number of tickets by the end of the round wins the match.


Battlefield 3[]

Conquest Domination is a gamemode introduced in the Close Quarters expansion of Battlefield 3


Battlefield 4[]

Conq Dom

Domination on Caspian Border 2014. Unlike the Conquest version which uses the whole map, Domination only takes place between the Gas Station and Hilltop. Players will spawn to a random area near teammates when they deploy.

Domination is available in Battlefield 4. It functions in a similar manner to Battlefield 3


Battlefield 1[]

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"Capture and Hold the Flags

Intense infantry-focused action. Hold the majority of flags and eliminate enemy troops to win."

Battlefield 1 In-game Description

Domination is available on all maps in Battlefield 1. It functions in a similar manner to previous installments.


Battlefield V[]

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Domination was available on all base game maps in Battlefield V, functioning in a similar manner to previous installments. Due to a low player count, however, the gamemode was removed with Frontlines on May 30th, 2019.[1]