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Two variants of the Model 1900 are featured in Battlefield 1, the Sawed Off Shotgun available to various kits and the Assault exclusive Model 1900.

Sawed Off Shotgun[]

This item has a Codex entry: Going Beneath
"A powerful double barrel shotgun that had its barrels shortened for usage by vehicle crews."

— In-game description

The Sawed Off Shotgun is a weapon featured in Battlefield 1. It is available to TankersPilots and Assaults as a primary weapon, also as a sidearm for the Tank Hunter and Infiltrator kits. It exclusively uses the shotgun rib iron sights and cannot be customized.

The Sawed Off Shotgun can do damage out to a remarkable distance for its size. In fact, it can kill out to a distance comparable to the full-sized shotguns available to the Assault kit, thus making it a very capable weapon. 


Model 1900[]

This item has a Codex entry: Model 1900
"A side-by-side double barrel shotgun."

— In-game description

The Model 1900 is a weapon introduced in the Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar expansion for the Assault kit.

There are two variants of the Model 1900: Factory and Slug.

Both variants feature a double-barrel fire firemode that allows discharging of both barrels at nearly the same time. However, the recoil from the first shot has significant kick, possibly causing the second shot to fly overhead.

If only one shell is fired, only one shell will be removed and replaced. If both are fired, then both shells will be replaced as normal.


The Model 1900 Factory variant is the "default" version of the model 1900. It has a damage profile identical to its sawed-off counterpart and the Model 10-A, making it the most powerful shotgun up close in terms of raw damage (excluding slug variants). When compared to the Model 10-A, its faster rate of fire allows for quicker follow up shots if the user fails to kill the enemy in one shot. Its major flaw is its low ammo capacity (obviously holding only two rounds). Despite having a quick empty reload, it's best to take cover if in the need to reload and pick engagements carefully.


The Model 1900 Slug is one of the three slug variant shotguns in Battlefield 1 alongside the Model 10-A Slug and the Sjörgen Inertial Slug. Both variants deal the same damage.

Slugs perform similar to the previous games: a long range ammunition option for shotguns, firing a single projectile with vastly extended range compared to normal shotgun shells. Providing that the enemy player is at max health, Slugs will one shot kill to the torso and upper arms under 8 meters due to its max damage (112 damage) compensating for the body multipliers for the lower torso and arms. After such range, will one shot kill only to the upper torso until 12 meters. An additional shot will be required to kill from 12 to 55 meter from the player and require three shots to kill beyond 55 meters. Slug rounds will one shot kill up to 50 meters with headshots.

Slugs have a lower velocity (at 420 m/s, slightly slower than the Martini-Henry/Vetterli-Vitali M1870/87) than sniper rifles. Therefore, at longer ranges, one should account for bullet travel.

When compared to the Model 10-A Slug, the differences are:

  • Sight options: the Model 1900 uses its factory sights and has shotgun rib sights as an option, while the Model 10-A uses the lens sight similar to the Optical/Carbine weapon variants.
  • Rate of fire: the Model 10-A fires at 78 RPM vs 299 RPM for the Model 1900.
  • Magazine capacity: 6 rounds for the Model 10-A and 2 for the Model 1900.
  • Recoil: the Model 1900 has less upward recoil and recovers faster, but has more horizontal recoil compared to the Model 10-A.


Weapon Skins[]


  • The Sawed Off Shotgun possesses a secret reload animation based on of the reload of the Super Shotgun in Doom II. The animation frames are staggered to match the look of the original animation and features a unique sound based on the Doom II sound. [1]
  • The weapon was once available only to the game developers (similar to M1903 Silencer and suppressed C93 Carbine). An incomplete build was dropped in-game around May 2017.[2]


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