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The Double-Barrel Shotgun is a shotgun featured in Battlefield Hardline.


The Double-Barrel Shotgun is an unlockable Shotgun available for the Enforcer kit of both factions. It is unlocked after completing the Enforcer Syndicate assignment. The Double-Barrel Shotgun also appears as a Battle Pickup on Pacific Highway and Alcatraz.

The Double-Barrel cannot mount or unlock most attachments due to the absence of rails on the weapon, only coming equipped with its default Iron Sights. A Stock can be equipped, which helps to reduce recoil at the cost of some mobility. The Heavy Barrel increases the barrel length, increasing range and accuracy as well as adding an illuminated front iron sight post similar to Improved Iron Sights. It also lessens spread while reducing mobility.

The weapon can switch between single-shot and double-shot mode, the latter firing both shots in a rapid burst. It boasts an incredibly high damage model and can fire quickly, but has a small ammo capacity of two shells and extremely high recoil as a trade-off.





  • The in-game stats for the weapon incorrectly describes the rate of fire as "pump action".
  • The Double-Barrel is named the SBS12 in the game files, standing for "Side by Side 12". Its weapon damage and recoil files are specifically under "sbs12short", while "SBS12" is the name for the weapon model files.
  • In the June 2015 beta, the Double-Barrel Shotgun was known as the Sawed-Off Shotgun, as it was only available in its sawed off configuration in the Beta