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The Lockheed C-130 Hercules Dropship is a four-engine turboprop Transport Aircraft capable of airdropping personnel, supplies and equipment, such as vehicles and care packages, within a theater of operations. It is used alongside its attack variant, the AC-130 Spectre.

Battlefield 3[]

"Heavily armored IFV and paratrooper transport plane"

— Battlelog description

The Dropship is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 3: End Game. The aircraft is similar to the Gunship in that it requires a team to first have taken control of a specific control point before it can be paradropped from. It does, however, lack armament but will automatically deploy IR Flares when a missile launcher achieves a lock and reloads every twenty seconds. The Dropship only appears on Conquest, with the vehicle spawning infrequently as long as the appropriate base has been captured.

The Dropship allows for up to four passengers to occupy and paradrop from it at one time as well as allow someone to take control of the Infantry Fighting Vehicle and paradrop it out of the aircraft. Instead of circling the map, the Dropship spawns over the deployment of the team that holds the central flag and starts flying slowly toward the enemy deployment. Once it reaches the out-of-bounds area, all the passengers automatically exit and the dropship explodes.

Battlefield 4[]

Following the successful destruction of the Tashgar dam, Major Greenland fulfills her deal to transport Tombstone to the USS Valkyrie via C-130 through the USAF. The squad then successfully paradrops from the dropship onto the Valkyrie at the Suez Canal.


Battlefield 3[]

  • The Dropship itself does not have a thermal signature, making it much harder to lock on to this vehicle with laser designators, though heat-seeking weapons still lock-on as normal.
  • The Dropship can be damaged and destroyed with a Repair Tool[1]