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The Škorpion SA Vz. 61 is a Czech Submachine gun/Machine Pistol designed in 1959 for the Czechoslovak army. Intended to provide infantry units with a lightweight sidearm that would be more effective than a pistol, the Škorpion is fully-automatic with a blow-back operation, and is small enough to be fired single-handed. Officially adopted in 1961, the Škorpion saw wide use in the Czechoslovak army and was exported to several other countries. The weapon was favored for its small size and ease of use, and also quickly found its way into Criminal and Terrorist hands due to these factors.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

The Dual VZ .61s are a pair of dual wielded Machine Pistols as a part of the Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal, available for all kits. The weapons boast a high combined rate of fire of 1300 and a relatively large magazine size of 31, but are very inaccurate and cannot utilize their iron sights, limiting them to close range.



  • Swimming with the weapon equipped will cause the left gun to float midair in first-person view.
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