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Dune Alpert is a character featured in Battlefield Hardline and is the daughter of the criminal, Tony Alpert. Marcus Boone developed a relationship with her at some point a few years prior and attempted to elope with her. Ever since, however, her father has kept her on a small leash.

Marcus and Nick Mendoza attempted to use her to get close to her father but their motives were later discovered by Tony who monitored Dune's calls. Subsequently, she made a deal with her father to set Nick Mendoza up for capture to hand him over to Stoddard for two-hundred-and-fifty-thousand dollars, while she and Marcus would be able to stay together.

Unbeknownst to her, however, Tony broke his deal with her and captured Marcus as well, stating that he was never "welcome here" to begin with. Shocked, Dune hugged Marcus goodbye and secretly handed him a lockpick before Tony's men dragged him away.

Once Mendoza and Boomer escaped Alpert's custody, Dune met up with them, taking her car to reach the airfield, looking for the Brute safecracking machine. Dune's car was attacked by Alpert's men, leading to a violent crash, and an ensuing shootout. After Mendoza killed the enemies, Dune took the Sports Sedan belonging to Mendoza's team to drive herself to a hospital for her broken leg caused by the crash, while Mendoza and Boomer continued towards the airfield.



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