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Dynamic weather is a gameplay feature in the Battlefield series introduced in Battlefield 4 through Levolution. It involves the constant changing of weather systems on maps. This differs from static weather which involves contantly maintaining the same weather.

Battlefield 4

Main article: Levolution

Dynamic weather is first introduced in Battlefield 4 as levolution events which activate at certain points during a match. It is featured on Paracel Storm in the form of a raging storm and Gulf of Oman as a large sandstorm. Gameplay is radically changed as vision is greatly impaired, making it more difficult to perform long-range, air-to-air, and air-to-ground combat.

Battlefield Hardline

Main article: Levolution

Dynamic weather in Battlefield Hardline functions in a similar manner to Battlefield 4 in the form of Levolution. It is featured on Dust Bowl as a massive sandstorm and Riptide as a raging tropical storm.

Battlefield 1

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Dynamic weather plays a much larger role in Battlefield 1, being featured on every map and occuring at random.[1] It can affect gameplay in many different ways:

  • Clouds converging on a map, creating an overcast and vice versa
  • Dense fog may blanket a map, greatly reducing visibility and limiting long range and air combat. This can make close-quarter combat as a feasible tactic for a limited time
  • Rain does not affect how far a ground player may see but can be distracting and may distort vision. It can also make it more difficult to notice movement at a distance.
  • Sandstorms greatly impair player vision and make it extremely difficult to pilot any air vehicles.


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