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"Sticky bundle of dynamite that can be placed and detonated on demand. Effective against structures, vehicles and infantry."

— In-game description

Sticky Dynamite is a gadget featured in Battlefield V for the Assault kit. As the name suggests, the gadget will become stuck to any surface once thrown, except for ground vehicles protected by Zimmerit coating. Players are equipped with two pack of dynamite upon spawning. This can be increased to three packs upon resupplying at an Ammo Supply Station. Three packs of dynamite will disable an enemy heavy armor at full health. It will also instantly kill any enemy player caught within 1 meter of its explosion.

Sticky Dynamite can detonate many other explosives, and can itself be set off by gunfire or explosions.

If one wishes to throw a bundle further, sprinting right before throwing allows one to detonate a bundle immediately without getting harmed.