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"DysTek Hi-Scope X4 is an enhanced accuracy optical system utilizing an upgraded electronics and sensor package to provide the user with a greatly enhanced zoom level and the ability to set its zoom level."

— Prima Official Game Guide

The DysTek Hi-Scope x4 is an unlockable weapon attachment in Battlefield 2142 for the Recon kit. The DysTek is a modified scope which can be used on long range rifles like the Morretti SR4. It is designed to allow the user to become much more precise with the rifle and also allows them to engage targets that would otherwise be too far away to engage. As the name suggests, it allows the user to manually zoom up to a magnification of x4 more than the default scope by scrolling in with the mouse wheel.

While zoomed all the way in, it is possible to engage any target up to the game engine's draw distance (up to 300 meters depending on video settings and graphics card). Bullet drop becomes much more noticeable: one tick mark corresponds to drop over roughly 120 meters. Scope drift also become more exaggerated, though this can be temporarily halted with the Gruber-5 Stabilizer.

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