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The EBRC Jaguar is a six-wheeled armored reconnaissance and combat vehicle, set to enter service with the French and Belgian militaries beginning in 2020. It has a 3 man crew - driver, gunner, and commander. It sports a wide variety of weapons, including a 40mm main cannon, ATGMs, a 7.62mm pintle-mounted machine gun, and various countermeasures such as a smokescreen, air conditioning, armor protecting against small arms, and an extensive anti-overpressure system.

Battlefield 2042[]

"4-person armored recon/AA vehicle with well-balanced mobility and firepower. Intended for quick scouting of the battlespace, eliminating targets of opportunity and quick escape."

— In-game description

The EBAA Wildcat is a mobile anti-aircraft vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042, and it can also be specialized into an armored reconnaissance vehicle. As it is in Light Armor Slot, EBAA could be used by No-Pats from both USMC and RGF faction.

The driver operates an auto-cannon that can choose multiple calibers as primary weapon, a guided missile system which can specialized between AA or AT functions as secondary weapon (cannot hold both at the same time like EBLC-Ram), and general defensive equipments. The AT missiles work similarly to those on jets.

For the main gun in the current verison of the game, EBAA has 2 caliber options: Dual 30mm AA and Dual 35mm AA Cannons. The Dual 30mm AA and 35mm AA uses the overheating mechanism. Neither of these two cannon types can achieve one-body-hit kill when facing infantry. The HP for the turret is 550; The delay and duration of turret recovery are 5 and 8 seconds, respectively.[1]

It was mentioned in the description that the Dual 30mm AA is "devastating against enemy personnel" and "effective against all but the most heavily armored ground targets". It is actually not. The Dual 30mm AA only causes minimal damage to both enemy personnel and vehicles, although it has a qualified performance in anti-aircraft and personnel due to its high rate of fire. When facing infantry, the Dual 30mm AA is only effective at close range and don't have blast damage, with a killing potential comparable to assault rifles; while shooting from a long distance, the accuracy is very low due to spread issues, but can still have suppression and assistance effects. When facing ground vehicles, the Dual 30mm AA only poses a threat to the lightest ones such as LATV4 Recon. The maximum range of this cannon is 550m.[1]

An upgrade option for Dual 30mm AA is the Dual 35mm AA Cannons. It has a reduced ROF while got better anti-personnel/light armor damage, long-range accuracy and overheat management. This means it will do better when facing enemy infantry compared to the 30mm AA, while still having equally good AA capabilities, though jets will be harder to hit due to the decrease in firing rate; and slightly improved effect against armored ground vehicles (do not expect it can destory any MBTs). Overall, this is the most balanced choice for the current version.

The top gunner operates a remote weapon system that can equipped with a 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun, a 40mm grenade launcher, a 7.62mm Minigun, or a barrage missile launcher. The HMG and Minigun can be equipped with reduced magnification thermal optics.

A secondary gunner operates a range of weapon pods. The many weapons systems on the turret can cause issues with visibility of threats. The spotter (commander) can use a Sensor Array with thermal optics options to spot targets for friendly units, and Detection Pulse to detect nearby infantry. The spotter's equipment is placed on a post, giving a vantage point above the weapon stations.

As with many ground vehicles, the EBAA Wildcat will hold different cannon appearances and turret rotation speed after selecting different types of main gun.



  • In the very early versions of the game (possibly as early as July 2021), this vehicle was named "E6-JGR Recon".
  • At its initial release, the EBAA had a 57mm cannon as the third primary weapon option, but it was replaced by the Dual 35mm AA Cannons in Update 5. The developer's reason is to hope that EBAA can exist as a dedicated anti-aircraft vehicle.
    • After UPDATE #7.0.0, the 40mm cannon was removed for the same reason.[1]
  • The Dual 30mm AA cannons used the same model as the guns on the ZU-23-2. A similar conversion was done for the BMD-3 Bakhcha AA featured in the Bad Company series.
  • The removed 57mm cannon is based on the 40mm main gun of EBRC Jaguar IRL.