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The Eurocopter EC635 in real life.

The Eurocopter EC635 is a light utility helicopter produced by Eurocopter group, owned by Aerospatiale of France and Daimler Aerospace of Germany. It is a militarized version of the EC135 and can hold up to 8 people including the pilot. It can be outfitted with a number of armaments and is primarily used as a small troop transporter, medevac vehicle, and support helicopter.

The helicopter can be mounted with two AGM-114 Hellfire missile launchers, two 70mm rocket pods, two GIAT 20mm cannons, or two HMP-400 machine gun pods on its two hardpoints, as well as a 7.62mm machine gun door mount.

Battlefield 2Edit

The EC635 is a vehicle featured in the Battlefield 2: Armored Fury expansion as the MEC's scout helicopter. The helicopter is armed with two HMP-400 gun pods controlled by the pilot, and can use a UAV once about every minute. Like other scout helicopters, the EC635 can carry two passengers on the sides. These passengers can use whatever kit weapons they have with them, allowing Anti-Tank soldiers to fire rockets at enemy armor, or Engineers to repair the helicopter with their wrench or airdrop anti-tank mines on high-traffic roads.

However, the EC635 suffers in the combat role as its guns are the located furthest out compared to the other scout helicopters, meaning that unless it is very close in combat against another chopper, it will only be able to hit them with one stream of bullets at a time versus two from the others, meaning it has a severe disadvantage. It also is less maneuverable and slower than the other scout helicopters. The vehicle can be used to a better extent suppressing enemies at control points due to its wider coverage, and it can still hit APCs as they are larger targets than another scout helicopter.

The EC635 is also very vulnerable to anti-air and ground fire. Stinger/IGLA sites can easily down one if it is out of flares, and Support soldiers can lay down fire upon them, as can any heavy or mounted machine gun. The pilot should make good use of the UAV before going into an enemy control point to spot threats and take them out.


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