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"This high-tech tank destroyer armed with an electrically powered rail gun will take out enemy vehicles at great distances. Two mobility modes, one slow for maximizing main gun destructive power and one faster for traversing the battlefield ads [sic] flexibility while an advanced threat detection system improves survivability."

— In-game description

The EMKV90-TOR is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2042, introduced in Escalation season. Players can unlock the vehicle by reaching tier 22 in Battle Pass and available through assignments afterwards. It is available for both United States and Russia.

The EMKV90-TOR has two fighting modes: Siege Mode and Mobility Mode. The first mode will lower its suspension, improving the charge time of its main gun while slowing down the movement speed to a crawl, but can still accelerate. The latter can be used when traveling across the battlefield. Threat Detection offers automatic spotting of enemy attackers that have caused damage, similar to Navin Rao's Acquisition trait.

The tank is armed with a Hyper Velocity Electro Magnetic Gun that fires a high power and velocity projectile after a brief delay.[1] It has the ability to fire two different cannon types: Hammer and Maul. Hammer is the basic cannon type that has a faster resupply and charge time, Dealing the same damage as MPAT shells towards armor (28 damage per hit to MBTs, 44 to Wildcat, 57 to Ram), but cannot one hit kill flying vehicles, no matter how light they are (40 damage per hit to Transport-craft, 65 to Attack Helicopters, 80 to Stealth-craft and Night Bird). This makes its competitiveness significantly lower than Maul.

Conversely, Maul's rounds have much greater damage potential, with heaviest armor, the MBTs only being 3 hit (44 damage per hit, and 31 to MAV), and lighter as EBLC-Ram and CAV-Brawler being 2 hit (70/91 damage per hit to Ram and Bolte, 54/70 to Wildcat) killed by such rounds and instantly killing flying vehicles short of Transport-craft in a certain distance (63 damage per hit to Super Hind and Condor). However, to counteract this damage potential, Maul's rounds require more charge to fire, take significant longer to resupply and travel slower than Hammer's rounds. Meanwhile, attacking MBTs from the side does not reduce the number of rounds required to kill.

The HHV-EMG Maul weapon cannot one-hit-kill light air vehicles (Jets, Nightbird, Stealth Heli) beyond 330m, as well as Attack Helicopters beyond 280m. These two types of Electro Magnetic Guns may experience the situations that shell deflected and damage reduced. The default Hammer weapon has a Fast turret rotation speed, while the Maul weapon is Medium.[2]

Neither of these rounds can be blocked by Active Protection System due to their near-instantaneous travel time. Follow-up rounds from the TOR have minor dispersion, discouraging the use of rapid fire.

The gunner is offered a choice of an Light or Heavy Machine Gun and an EMP Field Grenade launcher, the latter is basically consistent with the Stealth-craft's except for the field of fire.

Beside regular coaxial MGs, a unique, close range Coaxial Canister weapon was introduced for EMKV90-TOR after Update #6.1.0, as well as a Minigun, a 40mm Grenade Launcher and a unique 20mm Canister Shot for the gunner.[3]

The two types of Canister Weapons provided to the driver and gunner respectively have 6 and 8 rounds of ammunition reserves. Their attack style is similar to the 40mm Canister Shot from CAV-Brawler, but the uniqueness lies in the fact that these two Canister Weapons do not have a loading phase between shots (literally cannon-sized 12M Auto), resulting in very high firing rates and devastating effects on infantry. The Coaxial Canister shares the same firing angle with the maingun; the 20mm Canister Shot on the weapon station cannot deal damage to Transport-craft.

With no other passenger weapon pods compared to other vehicles, while no blast damage and long reload time with its primary weapon, it is best suited as a long-ranged answer to enemy vehicles. The cannon also lacks the elevation range of the base MBTs, forcing the driver to use terrain for higher/lower firing angles. However, the precision and muzzle velocity of the main gun present a hazard to distant snipers and low-flying aircraft.

The TOR can be identified by its flat-sided barrel, boxy gun mantle, two long armor skirts, and lack of muzzle blast while firing shots. One may also tell if staring down its barrel as it charges.

As with many ground vehicles, the EMKV90-TOR will hold different cannon appearances after selecting different types of main gun.



Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Factory Factory
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Carbon Series Carbon Series
EMKV90-TOR Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Hinterland Hinterland
Escalation Free Battle Pass tier 90
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Last Stand Last Stand
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 33
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Solenoid Solenoid
New Dawn Free Battle Pass tier 37
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Rising Storm Rising Storm
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 3
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Tier 1 Tier 1
EMKV90-TOR Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Lethal Force Lethal Force
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,750 BFC (Silent Strike Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Slingshot Slingshot
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,400 BFC (Mechanized Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Grim Reaper Grim Reaper
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,400 BFC (Dead Head Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Shear Zone Shear Zone
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 96
Battlefield 2042 EMKV90-TOR Bone Collector Bone Collector
500 BFC (Vehicle Skin)
1,000 BFC (Blood Pact Bundle)
3,500 BFC (Crimson Front Bundle)


  • The vehicle is based on the CV90, a Swedish tracked infantry fighting vehicle. However, it has a wide variety of futuristic details and a notably different turret than any of the existing CV90 variants. It has some similarities in appearance with EMBT.
  • After firing the main gun, the discarded sabot of APFSDS can be noticed around the crosshairs.
  • Between Update #6.1.0 and #6.2.0, the gunner's 7.62mm HMG and the new added 20mm Canister were using the M2HB as its weapon model, same with the 12.7mm HMG.