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Though UAVs are typically used for reconnaissance, they can also serve as airborne electronic warfare platforms, hindering the enemy's use of battlefield technology.

Battlefield 4[]

EMP UAV is a commander resource used to jam enemy communications, first seen in the "Battlefield 4: Official Commander Mode Trailer".

When deployed, it prevents allies in the area from being marked by enemy spotting, even if detector gadgets or a Scan UAV are present.[1] It also prevents the enemy commander from seeing his own forces in the area, or using resources while the EMP UAV is aloft. The active zone is visible on both commanders' satellite view as a static-filled circle. Its range is equal to that of the Scan UAV, however both its duration and recharge time are longer.

An EMP UAV can be used offensively against an enemy commander's strike assets. A Cruise Missile that flies into the area protected by an EMP UAV will be destroyed in mid-air. Gunships that are patrolling an area will receive gradual damage, even to the point of destruction.

High Value Targets cannot be hidden by an EMP UAV. All combatants can see the occasional disruption of their vision caused by a nearby EMP UAV.

It is not yet known if other high-tech communications such as laser designation or self-guided weaponry are disrupted by EMP UAVs.

As with the Scan UAV, the EMP UAV can be destroyed by anti-aircraft weapons.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Eliminate passive spotting by scrambling your team's GPS coordinates. Version 2 sends a stronger scramble signal, greatly increasing the affected area."

— Version 2.0 In-Game Description

GPS Jamming is a hacker resource featured in Battlefield Hardline. It functions in a similar manner to the EMP UAV from Battlefield 4, preventing allies in the area from being marked by enemy spotting as well as counteracting the GPS Spotting resource. It also stops the enemy hacker from seeing his allies in the designated area while the resource is active. Upon unlocking version 2.0, the affected area of the jamming is increased.