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The ERYX is a wire-guided anti-tank missile launcher designed by European company MBDA in 1992. It is co-produced by France and Canada. It uses a 137mm diameter 3.6 kg tandem HEAT rocket. It has an operational range of 50 to 600 meters, and has a velocity of between 18 m/s (when it leaves the tube) to 245 m/s (when it reaches 600 meters). It is usually mounted on a tripod or on vehicles.

Battlefield 2[]

"The Eryx is a shoulder fired Short Range Anti-Armor Weapon which can be used to defeat all modern tanks."

— In-game description

The ERYX is issued as the default anti-tank weapon for the MEC and PLA Anti-Tank kits. In the Special Forces expansion pack, it is also issued to the MEC Special Forces and Spetsnaz.

The ERYX is effective against all classes of vehicle. It is necessary to aim ahead of moving targets in order for the arc of the missile to meet with the target. The missiles are sluggish to react, however, and aren't particularly forgiving to mistakes. The slow reload compounds this, leaving the user vulnerable for the duration of the reload cycle.

The ERYX can destroy the Desert Patrol Vehicle and the FAV Buggy in one shot. Any other light vehicle will explode after the rocket hits, with 1-3 seconds of fire before the explosion.


3D Modelling[]


  • The Eryx's icon in BFHQ shows a mirrored version of the actual model.