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The Ehrhardt E-V/4 in reality.

The Ehrhardt E-V/4 Straßenpanzerwagen was an early armored car design of German origin. The vehicle weighed 9 tons, and was armed with 3 machine guns - one mounted within a rotating turret. With around 50 built, this was Imperial Germany's most-produced armored vehicle of World War I.

The first Ehrhardts were ordered in 1915 after seeing first hand the battlefield potential of the armored car, used by their opposition during the invasion of Belgium. However, their use was limited on the Western Front due to the stalemate. On the terrain of the Eastern Front, they served better, but ultimately had little impact due to their few numbers. Domestically, the Ehrhardts excelled as riot-control vehicles, and were used as such up until the breakout of World War II.

Battlefield 1Edit

The EV4 Armored Car is an armored car featured in Battlefield 1 for the Imperial German Army. The vehicle can carry up to five occupants, one of which being the driver without any weaponry at disposal while driving, merely being able to sound the car horn. A gunner (second seat) operates the heavy MG turret with 360° coverage, while the passenger seat and the two back seats are both equipped with light MGs to cover the front and left/right sides of the car respectively. As such the only rear defense lies with the top turret.

All passengers are protected from light firearms by the armor plating, but vulnerable to heavy MG fire, and armor-piercing weapons such as K-Bullet, Anti-Tank Grenade, Dynamite, AT Rocket Gun, Limpet Charge, and Spiked Club.