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"The Eagle's Nest was the last bastion of the German High Command. From this mountaintop retreat, the Germans would launch a final counter attack if the war were to turn against them."

— In-game briefing

"High on a mountain (Kehlstein) in the tiny town of Berchtesgaden, Germany, stands the Eagle's Nest. This gift to Hitler on his 50th birthday looks like a pleasant mountain retreat, but some believe it to be the rumoured National Redoubt to which the Führer and his top brass could escape should Berlin fall to the Allies. Germany's High Command is now believed to be continuing the war from a hidden fortress in the Alps, so the Allies are targeting the Eagle's Nest for investigation — and infiltration."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

Eagle's Nest is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII expansion. It sees United States Army battling die-hard German Elite Forces holdouts for control of their final stronghold high in the Bavarian Alps.


This map features the US Army against the German Elite Forces. It takes place in the Austrian Alps, near Hitler's mountain retreat, after which the map is named. The Germans start out with a majority of the bases in their possession, with a majority of their tanks near the Eagle's Nest.


Control Points[]


The US main base on the far east of the map. It spawns an M3A1, a Sherman, two Sherman T34, two T95 and three Willys. If captured by the Germans, it will spawn a Hanomag, three Panzer IV, two Sturmtigers and three Kübelwagen.


Heading northwest from Berchtesgaden and crossing a bridge, one reaches the Toll Booth, the second US control point. This spawns only a XA42, or R75 if under German control.


Crossing another bridge south from the Toll Booth and heading west uphill, one reaches the Gaestehaus, the US frontline control point. This point spawns only a M3A1 under US control, or Hanomag under German control.


Going further west uphill from Gaestehaus, one reaches Goeringhaus, the German frontline control point. This point spawns three Hanomags and a PAK 40. If captured by the US, it will spawn three M3A1 and a PAK 40.


Going uphill towards the north and crossing a bridge, one reaches the second German control point. This point spawns a R75, a Panzer IV and Kübelwagen. Under US control, it will spawn a XA42, a Sherman T34 and a Willy.


Crossing the tunnel, one reaches the German main base. It spawns two Sturmtigers, two Panzer IV, two stationary MG 42, and two Kübelwagen. If captured by the US, it will spawn two T95, two Sherman T34, two Brownings, and two Willys.

Capture the Flag[]

The positions of control points remain the same, however:

  • The main bases, Berchtesgaden and Eagle's Nest, are no longer capturable.
  • Objective flags are at Toll Booth and Tunnel Entrance.
  • Gaestehaus and Goeringhaus are neutral.

As a result of these changes, vehicles that were tied to Tool Booth or Tunnel entrance are now tied to Berchtesgaden and Eagle's nest, though their spawning locations remain the same. In addition, one machine gun has been removed from Eagle's Nest.

Team Deathmatch[]

The control point and vehicle layouts are the same as Conquest. However, all control points except for Gaestehause and Goeringhaus have become uncapturable.


"The Allied forces are advancing on Obersalzberg with the intent of capturing the Eagle's Nest. They must breach a heavily fortified door into the building and destroy a safe containing military secrets."

— World War II Anthology Edition Manual

"The Eagle's Nest was the last bastion of the German High Command. From this mountain top retreat, the Germans would launch a final counter attack[sic] if the war were to turn against them. Your team will win if your opponent's tickets reach zero. The U.S. can reduce the German tickets by destroying a safe containing military secrets and a heavily fortified door that leads to a loading bay. The Germans can reduce the U.S. tickets gradually by defending and maintaing[sic] the objectives."

— Objective mode briefing

BF1942 Eagle's Nest Door

Eagle's Nest Door.

BF1942 Eagle's Nest Safe

Eagle's Nest Safe.

The control point layout is the same, except Eagle's Nest is no longer a control point, and all vehicles tied to it have been removed. In addition, Gaestehaus and Tunnel Entrance are no longer capturable.

Other vehicle changes are as follows:

  • One Sherman T34/Panzer IV has been moved from Berchtesgaden to Gaestehaus.
  • Two more motorcycles (R75 or XA42) have been added to Gaestehaus.
  • A Sturmtiger/T95 has been added to Goeringhaus.
  • A Panzer IV/Sherman has been added to Tunnel Entrance.

The US must destroy two objectives in the Eagle's Nest building:

  • Eagle's Nest Door for access into the building, and
  • Eagle's Nest Safe in the rear of the building.

Both the Door and the Safe can take 500 points of damage each. Interestingly, the Safe can be destroyed before the Door by entering the building from an entrance in the rear.


"The war all but won, The German High Command's mountaintop retreat was a the[sic] final target for the Allied forces. Despite sure defeat, the Axis defended their last bastion with a fierce courage that cost the lives of many advancing soldiers. The superior might of the Allied war machine was too much though, and the mountain was eventually scaled and the Eagle's Nest captured."

— American Victory

"The war all but won, The German High Command's mountaintop retreat was meant to be a final, symbolic target for the Allied forces. Perhaps their last stand, the Axis defended the mountaintop with a ferocity unexpected by the Allies, who were forced to retreat after suffering severe casualties on the winding road to the Eagle's Nest. The German's last stand would be another battle."

— American Defeat

"The Axis waited atop the mountain for the Allied attack, and when it came they showered the advancing forces with bullets and artillery fire. The narrow mountain roads were like bottlenecks to the Allied troops. After the battle, roads were strewn with the bodies of those that were slaughtered by the dedicated German defenders."

— German Victory

"The Axis needed to defend Eagle's Nest at all costs, and the elite troops surely paid the ultimate price. Despite a valiant effort, the Germans could not stop the inexorable Allied advance. With the capture of the Eagle's Nest, the war for Europe is all but over."

— German Defeat