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"Let's make some trouble."

— Sundance

Emma "Sundance" Rosier is a specialist featured in Battlefield 2042.


Born in Paris, France, Rosier was orphaned at the age of ten and learned to literally fight to survive. They later became a valued enforcer in a major Parisan organized crime syndicate, Le Milieu, until they broke up a human smuggling operation. Seeking to hide from their former employers, Rosier joined the Armée de Terre.

Over the next several years, Rosier became a model soldier in the military. Despite this, their dark past came back to haunt and ended their military career pre-maturely. With no other place to turn, Rosier joined the No-Pats and became an assault specialist on the Exodus' Task Force. They are doing their best to keep a low profile among the Non-Patriated, while still using their unique talents to aid the cause whenever they can. They believe in fighting for those who have nothing, but looking out for #1 comes first.

Rosier definitely likes to live on the edge. They're a skilled and fearless adversary that has been described as reckless, impulsive, impetuous, and sharp.[1]


Smart Explosives Icon.png
"Sundance has the explosives and experience to make life very difficult for the enemy. From scatter grenades to micro-drones, if something needs to go "boom", they're the one to call."

Website description

Sundance is equpped with the throwable gadget Smart Explosives as their specialty.

Each explosive can operate in two modes:

Self-propelled drone capable of seeking nearby vehicles, including air vehicles. Vehicle operators receive a weapon lock warning so long as the grenade is chasing them. It remains to be seen what ground vehicle equipment may be capable of detering the grenade, but Missile Countermeasures can protect air vehicles.
Deploys explosive sub-munitions for increased damage. The main charge is time-fuzed, and so may explode in mid-air. The submunitions spread further apart the higher up they begin.

Sundance can carry a single grenade that will regenerate roughly every 15 seconds. Separate kill credits are awarded for each grenade type, and further so for the Scatter's main charge and sub-munitions.


Wingsuit Operator Icon.png
"When needed, Sundance will deploy a wingsuit instead of a chute."

Website description

Sundance's trait is Wingsuit Operator, replacing the Parachute available to other players with a wingsuit. This allows the player a limited period of flight, gaining the ability to cover a lot of distance.

Sundance uses the wingsuit exclusively in place of the parachute, and so may have difficulty in situations where the player may wish to simply descend. Conversely, Sundance can begin gliding from lower heights, above where other players would suffer fall damage, but below where they can activate their own parachutes. Sundance will also begin gliding immediately when exiting an air vehicle. The player can break out of gliding by pressing Crouch to use weapons or gadgets in mid-air, or to regain downward velocity when stalled, and can just as quickly resume gliding by pressing Jump.

One will need to take great care, as colliding into the ground at extreme speeds will deal upwards of 50 damage, and collisions with standing objects can lower control dramatically mid flight. Except when near a tornado, the player generally cannot gain altitude without sacrificing speed.


Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
A bird? A plane? Trophy.png A bird? A plane? Wingsuit fly from the Rocket Hangar to the Launch Pad on Orbital 15G Bronze Trophy.png



Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Specialist Rosier.png Specialist Rosier
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Mamba.png Mamba
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Hexmesh Triweave.png Hexmesh Triweave
Sundance Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Night Operations.png Night Operations
5 kills and assists as Sundance
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Navalized.png Navalized
Level 43
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier BF2042 Dev.jpeg BF2042 Dev
Exclusive to Developers
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Clip Ready.jpeg Clip Ready
Prime Gaming Reward
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Lifesaver.jpeg Lifesaver
Prime Gaming Reward
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Nix.png Nix
Zero Hour Premium Battle Pass Tier 48
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Stormwalker.png Stormwalker
Sundance Mastery 4 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Tier 1.png Tier 1
Sundance Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier High Velocity.png High Velocity
Level 94
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Stormbreaker.png Stormbreaker
Gold Edition or Year 1 Pass
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Organic Explosive.png Organic Explosive
Free ("Thank You for Playing Season 1: Zero Hour")
BFC (Endangered I Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Emma Sundance Rosier Hailstorm.png Hailstorm
1,000 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Ice Cold Bundle)


Player Cards


  • Though appearing prominently in the reveal trailer, Sundance was not profiled as one of the four initial specialists on the Battlefield website. Rosier was later revealed with four other specialists in between the Open Beta and launch.
  • Sundance is the first character in the series to be classified as non-binary.[2]
  • Anti-Armor grenades will head directly towards a target vehicle, regardless of line of sight. This may cause them to collide against unintended surfaces. The target vehicle will continue receiving a warning until the grenade is destroyed.
  • Sundance originally has EMP Field Grenade as one of their specialty. This was later removed in Update 1 (Season 1).