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The Erma Maschinenpistole in real life.

The EMP (Erma Maschinenpistole) was a German submachine gun originally designed by German designer Heinrich Vollmer. In the 1920s, Vollmer designed a series of submachine guns based on the MP 18. His final design, the VMP1930, was sold to Erma Werke after Vollmer lost his financial support from the German Reichswehr. Erma added a cooling jacket to the VMP1930 and marketed the weapon as the EMP. From 1931 to 1938, roughly 10,000 units in three main variants were produced and exported to Mexico, China and Yugoslavia, as well as to Spain, who produced it under licence. The French also obtained several thousand examples from disarmed Spanish Republicans who fled to France after their defeat in the Spanish Civil War, and the SS also adopted the weapon in 1936.

Featuring a side-mounted 32 round magazine, a barrel cooling jacket and a wooden rifle stock, the EMP borrowed heavily from the MP 18 in terms of ergonomics, although specific innovations included the use of a telescoping main spring assembly and an integral vertical foregrip. Variants of the design featured a bayonet lug, removed barrel jacket and furniture modelled even more closely on the MP 18.[1]

Battlefield VEdit

"A German SMG that saw combat in the Spanish Civil War."

— In-game Description

The EMP is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It was first seen in a screenshot of the interface for The Company.


For an explanation of the Weapon Upgrades system in Battlefield V, see Weapon Upgrades.
Rank Left Middle Right
Rank 1 Quick Deploy
Rank 2 Quick Aim
Rank 3 Less Vertical Recoil Less Horizontal Recoil
Rank 4 Magdump Hipfire Improved Stationary Recoil
Rank 5 More Accurate Hipfire Faster Movement While Aiming Improved Moving Accuracy