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"My favourite weapon? Patience."

— Ernst Schubert

Battlefield V - Elites - Ernst Schubert

Battlefield V - Elites - Ernst Schubert

Ernst Schubert is an Elite available in Battlefield V for the Axis Powers in The Company. He was released alongside Seamus Byrne on April 30, 2019 as a part of Tides of War Chapter 3, Trial By Fire. He can be purchased for 990Boins.

As with other Elites, Ernst features a unique best squad animation and an exclusive melee weapon: the K98 Bayonet. It is unlocked upon completion of Ernst's Special Assignment.


Place of Birth: Munich, Germany

A skilled marksman trained in infiltration, evasion, and camouflage. Winner of multiple awards in target shooting and champion in the sport of Military Patrol before conscription.

Cold, calculated, and always in control. Schubert is a man of few words but his presence in the field becomes evident by the gaps left in the enemy team. A pathfinder that will often remove a threat himself more quickly than he can relay its location.

Special AssignmentEdit

Image Name Description Criteria Reward
Battlefield V Elites Assignments Ernst Follow your orders and we'll make it through this.
  • Complete any three tasks
    • Capture 10 objectives
    • Headshot kill 10 enemies
    • Spot Assist 5 enemies
    • Damage enemies for 1,000 points with any sidearm



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