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"Essen was the location of a major weapons factory."

— In-game briefing

Essen is a map featured in the Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII. It focuses on the extensive Allied bombings of Essen, which targeted its heavy industrial facilities, especially the Krupp steel and munitions factory. The attackers are the British Commandos, while the defending faction is the German Elite Forces.


The British start out with an uncapturable airbase, while the German Elite begin with four capturable flags, which they have to defend. The British start the game with a constant ticket bleed, which halts as soon as they capture a control point. If all control points come under British control, the German team will lose tickets quickly and eventually lose the game.


Flag of the United Kingdom British Commandos
Light vehicle(s)


Medium tank(s)

M4 Sherman(With T34 Calliope or MG)

Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

40mm Bofors

Fixed-wing aircraft

C-47 Skytrain, Spitfire, AW-52


M2 Browning

Flag Germany 1933 German Elite Forces
Light vehicle(s)


Medium tank(s)

Panzer IV

Heavy tank(s)


Anti-aircraft vehicle(s)

Flakpanzer IV, Flak38


MG42, Wasserfall

Battle pickup(s)




The Allied main base. It consists of a hangar and two buildings. It spawns the C-47, which carries up to 6 players and acts as a mobile spawn point. It also spawns the AW-52 jet fighter, two Spitfires and a LVT armoured personnel carrier.

The InnEdit

The German base closest to the British. It has little cover and is easily captured. It spawns a Flakpanzer and 2 Flak 38 guns. Spawns a jetpack kit in one of the nearby buildings.

Market SquareEdit

Offers more cover and more buildings. Spawns a Panzer IV tank and a motorcycle.

The CafeEdit

Another flag surrounded by buildings, it spawns a motorcycle, a flak gun and a Jetpack kit inside the Cafe.

The FactoryEdit

The largest and most important German base. Is heavily fortified and a small bridge is almost the only access point to it, apart from parachuting from above. It spawns 2 Sturmtigers, a Flakpanzer, a Wasserfall missile launch unit, a Jetpack kit, and several flak and machine guns.


"The weapons production facility was a major target for the Allies, and the Axis knew it. Even so, nothing could prepare them for the awe-inspiring Allied air strike that descended upon the facility and the nearby town of Essen. When the smoke cleared, the few intact buildings were a stark contrast to the rubble strewn avenues of Essen and the bombed out shell of the factory."

— Allied Victory

"Troops at the factory were no strangers to air attacks. While impressive, the attack in March 1944 was no match for the German anti air defenses. Mobile Flak cannons fanned out around Essen, their crews heroically intercepting incoming bombers before they could close on the factory. While Essen lay in ruins, the factory remained operational, never ceasing the production of deadly weapons."

— Axis Victory



  • This map is one of the four maps that feature Jetpacks.
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