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The European Union is a political union of twenty-seven sovereign states located in Europe. It was signed into current form in 1993. Members range from Poland to Portugal. The states are unified in economics, with the EuroZone, through using a common currency, the euro (€), and participating in having a centralized bank. Member states are also unified in politics, where officials are elected every five years and laws are abided by universally through various constitutions and treaties. The military is not unified, but the EU is allocated forces for internal affairs.

The EU was formed initially by France, Germany, Belgium,the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Italy, in the 1950s. Its range has since expanded significantly to include most of the European continent. However, the Union continues to be under the heavy influence of, largely, France and Germany. In 2020, the United Kingdom became the first member to leave the EU, following 47 years of membership.

By the time when Battlefield 2042 takes place, the European Union has disintegrated as Germany, its leading state, along with many other of its member-states, were crippled or destroyed by climate change or economic ruin.

Battlefield 2[]

In Battlefield 2, the European Union is one of the four base game playable factions, fighting alongside the United States Marine Corps against the People's Liberation Army and the Middle Eastern Coalition. They appeared in Battlefield 2: Euro Force.


Versus Map
China Emblem PLA People's Liberation Army
MEC Middle Eastern Coalition


BF2EF Trailer

The EU initially wasn't involved in The War, although British forces were deployed in the Middle East with the Special Air Service engaging Insurgent Forces in Iraq and Syria[1], and a skirmish against the Russian Spetsnaz near the Caspian Sea. The EU was in some form of conflict with Russia that was resolved shortly before their entry into The War[2].

The EU's equipment and armaments are comprised of several nations, with soldiers speaking accented English. Predominantly, they feature the French, British, and German militaries with their weapons and vehicles being mostly from these countries, although the involvement of smaller nations such as Greece is mentioned[3].

The War[]

In an unspecified year during the mid-2000s during The War, the EU declared war on the Middle Eastern Coalition and the Peoples Republic of China at 4 AM on February 15th[3]. Soon after declaring war, the EU launched an assault named Operation Smoke Screen to capture strategic assets of what was left of an oil field.

On February 18th[3], after a treaty with the Russian Federation, the EU moved its military to a part of the Great Wall of China in an attempt to link up with American forces on the coast, engaging PLA forces upon arrival.

On February 19th[3], the EU launched an Assault on Taraba Quarry in an attempt to break through a MEC interception force which was sent to stop them from rescuing an American Division cut off from the frontlines. The only unit explicitly stated to be there is a Hellenic armored brigade.

Classes and Weapons[]

The EU forces use a variety of weapons from Western European nations. Unique to the base game factions is that the Assault and Medic classes use different Assault Rifles, and they use two Tier Unlock weapons.

In terms of appearance, the EU uses a three-tone camouflage. Classes with Body Armor wear Helmets with protective goggles, with the Medic and Special Forces wearing maroon berets with headsets, Engineer wearing a boonies Hat, and Sniper using the standard ghillie suit used by other factions. As with the USMC, the EU also has different camouflages depending on the theater of combat, with the Desert camouflage being used on maps against the MEC, and the Woodland camouflage being used on Great Wall, the only map against the PLA.

Desert Camouflage[]

Special Forces

Woodland Camouflage[]


The EU uses vehicles originating from the various member states of the Union. However, they mostly use vehicles from the USMC vehicle roster. Additionally, they lack a transport helicopter.

Uniquely, they are issued two Main Battle Tanks in the form of the L2A6 and Challenger II, often with both appearing on the same map.


Ground Vehicles[]

Air Vehicles[]

Music theme[]

Theme File Name (File Location) Description
EU_win.ogg Victory theme
EU_lose.ogg Defeat theme

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

In Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, the European Union fights alongside the United States of America against China. With predominantly their maps taking place in northern China on the Russian border.

VS Team Map
China Emblem PLA People's Liberation Army


In comparsison to its BF2 counterpart, the EU still uses majority European made weaponry with additional Russian weaponry in the form of the SVU given to the Recon kit.


A pair of EU soldiers

Spec Ops


Light Vehicles
Main Battle Tank

Battlefield 2142[]

The European Union is one of two playable factions in Battlefield 2142, fighting against the Pan-Asian Coalition in The Cold War of the 22nd century. They are one of the six worlds' factions by 2138 consisting of primarily European nations. [4]


2142 teaser2142

Orbital view of the European continent in 2142. The Ice Wall extends into Italy

The European Union as seen in Battlefield 2142 is an alliance formed sometime after 2106. As the new Ice Age began, many countries worldwide fell into conflict with each other as populations began to move southward. It was soon determined that the best chance for survival was cooperation, and new coalitions and alliances were formed among the remaining nations. The European Union of the 22nd century was the resulting coalition of the remaining European states.[5] The recently established Pan-Asian Coalition was the primary geopolitical competitor to the EU.

As much of the soil in the northern hemisphere was now covered with ice, food shortages became of great concern to the world nations. The EU was not as severely affected by this compared to the PAC, due to the EU's smaller population and its alliance with the newly formed Union of African States, which possessed most of the remaining unfrozen soil on the planet. The EU would establish agricultural and energy projects in northern Africa, including the Shuhia Taiba site[6] and the Sidi Power Plant, which supplied over 40% of the EU's power by 2143[7].

The EU is likely on good terms with the United States, as the EU military's standard rifle, the SCAR 11, is a joint European-American design[8], and the EU is later seen conducting combat operations within the US territories of Hawaii and Wake Island.

Classes and Weapons[]

European Union soldiers use digital white camouflage with black body armor and a small orange pauldron on the left shoulder. Assault and Engineer troops wear a standard helmet and protective goggles, Supports wear a helmet with an integrated visor, and Recon soldiers wear a fully encompassing helmet. Troops with the Body Armor upgrade equipped are identifiable by large orange pauldrons on either shoulder and additional orange armor plates on their legs and arms.

In Northern Strike and a few other post-release maps, the EU soldiers use a navy-blue digital camouflage with silver and black armor plating. All classes except for the Recon also wear face wraps. The Body Armor upgrade provides orange pauldrons and armor plating similar to the standard uniform.

Equipment webbing along the belt and legs of EU troops will pertain to the specific class: Assaults carry a medical pouch and grenades, Engineers carry two rocket pods for the Mitchell AV-18, Recon soldiers carry two supply pouches, and Supports carry four supply pouches.

Kit Normal Body Armor Northern Strike Body Armor
BF2142 EU Recon.NoBa BF2142 EU Recon.BA
NS EU Recon Light Armor
NS EU Recon Heavy Armor
EU Assault Light Armor EU Assault Heavy Armor NS EU Assault Light Armor NS EU Assault Heavy Armor
EU Engineer Light Armor EU Engineer Heavy Armor NS EU Engineer Light Armor NS EU Engineer Heavy Armor
EU Support Light Armor EU Support Heavy Armor NS EU Support Light Armor NS EU Support Heavy Armor


The EU vehicles tend to utilize a digital grey color scheme with sharp, angular appearances. Air units tend to be black with red outlines. The EU and PAC both use the Rorsch Mk-S8 and Kz-27 emplacements.

In the Northern Strike booster pack, the European Union's APC, Battle Walker, and FAV utilize a digital white color scheme. Additionally, they are issued the A3-Goliath IFV, an IFV capable of self-healing itself alongside healing/giving ammo to surrounding friendly players. It has no real PAC counterpart.

Fast Attack Vehicle V eu4wheel03 MK-15 Bandit
Main Battle Tank A8 Tiger A-8 Tiger
Armored Personnel Carriers V eupersonnelcarrier05 AMV-2 Groundhog
V eugoliath07 A3-Goliath IFV
Battle Walker V eubattlewalker04 L5 Riesig
Air Transport V euairtransport06 UD-12 Shepherd
Gunship V eugunship01 UD-6 Talon
Titan BF2142 EU Mk2 Titan MK-1 Titan
Emplacements Static av c Rorsch Mk-S8
Static aa c Rorsch Kz-27
BF2142PodLauncher Pod Launcher


Military units[]

  • Krieg Panzer 2nd Regiment - Fought at the Battle of Minsk for over four months, withdrew from combat after PAC forces broke through their southern flank.[9]
  • 9th Armored Corps - Fought at the battle of Battle of Belgrade, ultimately surrendered.[10]
  • EU Expeditionary Force - Guarded the road to Berlin, quickly capitulated after being surrounded by airdropped regiments from Titans.[11]
  • Hell Brigade - The EUs premiere infantry unit, assigned to defend the city of Cerbere.[12]
  • EU 4th Armored Battalion - Tasked with defending Camp Gibraltar.[13]
  • EU 5th Armored Battalion - Tasked with defending Camp Gibraltar.[13]
  • EU 2nd Army - Fought at Shuhia Taiba.[6]
  • EU 3rd Infantry Division - Fought against PAC Special Forces incursions at Sidi Power Plant before being reinforced by armored and airborne divisions.[7]
  • EU 4th Infantry Division - Fought against PAC Special Forces incursions at Sidi Power Plant before being reinforced by armored and airborne divisions.[7]
  • EU 6th Army Group - Engaged four PAC divisions in Libya, rendering them unable to support the 5th Corps in the defense of the Suez Canal[14]
  • 5th Corps - Assigned to the Suez Canal and defended against the PAC Southern Command Group.[14]
  • 10th Airborne Division - Reinforcements for the 5th Corps at the Suez Canal.[14]
  • Valkyrie Brigade - Formed the backbone for EU defenses at Tunis Harbor.[15]


  • General Emil Nikoli - Lead the 9th Armored Corps at Belgrade.[10]

Technology and Equipment[]

Battlefield 2142-screenshot 15

An EU soldier alongside a L5 Riesig

By the start of The Cold War, the European Union is technologically inferior to the Pan-Asian Coalition. The PAC had made numerous technological advancements by this time, including hover and active camouflage technology, and were the original creators of both the Battle Walker assault vehicles and the Titan class warships. The EU would later co-opt most of these technologies, producing their versions of Battle Walkers and Titans, but never adopting hover vehicles as the PAC did, preferring to rely on wheeled and tracked vehicles like the A-8 Tiger. Despite this, at some point before the war, the PAC created the UAZ-8 Ocelot based on a stolen MK-15 Bandit prototype from the EU. [16][note 1]

By 2145 the EU had begun making some technological advancements of their own, creating the A3 Goliath Infantry Fight Vehicle. Considered a "mobile fortress", the Goliath was impervious to all small arms fire and utilized special power cells to automatically repair its armor when faced with anti-vehicle weapons. It was also capable of acting as a resupply point for infantry and other vehicles. The Goliath first saw use during the EU's counterattack into Europe during 2145.

The EU's vehicles are much more angular and stockier compared to the curved and inflated designs seen on PAC vehicles; armaments differ with the EU preferring Gatling guns on their vehicles (namely VTOLs and their Battle-Walkers) over the PAC preference of utilizing Auto-cannons. EU aircraft use electrically charged armor[17][18] while ground vehicles usually have either Non-Explosive Reactive Armor[19] or layered steel and ceramic armor plating.[20]

Compared to the lightweight firearms and caseless ammunition utilized by the PAC, the EU relies on heavier materials and cartridge-based ammunition for their infantry weapons. Like the PAC, however, the EU's weapons are mostly computer-driven and are designed to function in frozen environments. The standard issue rifle of the EU Forces is the SCAR 11 assault rifle, which electronically fires tungsten-core rounds with an impact velocity of over 800 m/s.[8] The Baur H-AR is a heavy assault rifle based off of the SCAR 11, firing a larger caliber round and built out of heavier HM-3 composite materials.[21]


Battlefield 2042[]

Joint Task Force 7 - Specialist sets

Join Task Force 7 - Mandate of Nations

According to Battlefield 2042's backstory, the EU was disbanded on August 8th, 2035 following the collapse of Germany. This was likely as a result of the mentioned upheaval of the 2030's, which several EU-member states failed to survive. Introduced in the event " Future Strike " as Mandate of Nations. Officially formed in early 2049, the Mandate of Nations marked the new beginning of a new union in Europe. Led by the revived Germany, the mandate initially consisted of seven states across Europe, with plans to grow as time went on.

" Nations Mandate " Charm



  1. The description on both the website and strategy guide states the year of the UAZ-8 creation as 2032, almost 70 years before the supposed formation of the PAC in the early 2100s. This is possibly a typo for the year 2132.


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