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For the related collectible, see Warrants

Evidence is a collectible featured in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield Hardline. They are scattered throughout each Episode and reveal information about Criminals. When near a piece of evidence, the Police Scanner will notify the player by ringing. Upon location, the piece of evidence will be highlighted and available for analysis. Once analyzed, evidence can be reviewed in the pause screen. Each piece of evidence holds clues to a Case File, with a final conclusion for each case file being revealed upon finding all evidence for each case file. There is a total of 71 pieces of evidence in the singleplayer campaign of Battlefield Hardline.

To build and complete a Case File, the player must first locate Evidence associated with the file and tag it with the Scanner. Tagging Evidence with Scanner yields 200 Expert Points, completing a Case File earns the player 500 Expert Points.

Evidence can be located using the Scanner; when the Scanner is active, a counter in the upper-left corner of the HUD displays how many pieces of Evidence have been collected, how many remain, and the distance to the nearest piece of Evidence (If the player is using a controller, it will rumble when Evidence is nearby). Bear in mind that Evidence can be shown as nearby when it is actually on a different level of the environment, be sure to check different floors if it is not on the one that is currently being searched.

When Evidence is located, it appears as a blue diamond until it the Scanner is pointed at it, when it will then turn green and have a magnifier icon. Holding down Jump will scan the Evidence and add it to its corresponding Case File as well as award the player points for tagging it. The Case Files screen on the main-menu allows the player to have an overview of their completed cases and look at each cases' Evidence and rewards in depth.

Collecting Evidence is only required for the episode Back to School, it is optional in later levels but will continue to yield extra rewards for the player.

Evidence Locations[]

Episode Amount of Evidence Video
Back to School
Checking Out
Gator Bait
Case Closed
Out of Business
Glass Houses
Sovereign Land
Independence Day

Case File Conclusions[]

Case File Conclusion Video
  • The Hot Shot File
  • Hot Shot Supply Chain
  • The Elmore Hotel Investigation
  • Internal Affairs
  • Power Play
  • The Boomer Connection
  • Preferred Outcomes

Related Achievements and Trophies[]

Image Name Criteria Achievement Points Trophy Type
Keep Digging, Detective Keep Digging, Detective Complete any case file in singleplayer 20 Bronze
True Dectective True Detective Complete 3 case files in Singleplayer 25 Silver
World's Greatest Detective World's Greatest Detective Complete All Case Files in Singleplayer 50 Gold


  • Some Criminals with active Warrants on them have a piece of Evidence that can be collected, including Javier Rosado, Thomas Bell, James Mun, Cameron Briller, Jim Preston, and John Starnes. However, they must first either be arrested or killed before the Evidence can be retrieved.