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Not to be confused with Levolution.
BFVietnam Lang Vei Base
Lang Vei Base on Fall of Lang Vei, the first map in an Evolution pair.
BFVietnam Khe Sahn Lang Vei Base
The same location on Siege of Khe Sahn, the second map in the pair.

Evolution is a game mode in Battlefield Vietnam, involving two maps set in the same location played one after another, with a change in environment and control point layouts.


In an Evolution game, the players start on the first map of a selected pair. When time is up for the first map, there will be a short break or "intermezzo" where the tickets and top players of the current round are shown, and then the second map will start. The players will keep their team assignments, scores and tickets.

If one team's tickets reach zero on the first map, the game will end at that point, and the second map will not start. If no time limit is set, the first map will continue until one team is completely defeated.

Available maps[]

Five pairs of maps are available in this mode:

First map Second map
BFVietnam.The Ia Drang Valley Minimap
The Ia Drang Valley
BFVietnam.Landing Zone Albany Minimap
Landing Zone Albany
BFVietnam.Fall of Lang Vei Minimap
Fall of Lang Vei
BFVietnam.Siege of Khe Sahn Minimap
Siege of Khe Sahn
BFVietnam.Hue - 1968 Minimap
Hue - 1968
BFVietnam.Reclaiming Hue Minimap
Reclaiming Hue
BFVietnam.Quang Tri - 1968 Minimap
Quang Tri - 1968
BFVietnam.Quang Tri - 1972 Minimap
Quang Tri - 1972
BFVietnam.Ho Chi Minh Trail Minimap
Ho Chi Minh Trail
BFVietnam.Cambodian Incursion Minimap
Cambodian Incursion