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"When do we start?"

— Lis

Ewelina Lis is an Engineer specialist featured in Battlefield 2042. She was added in Zero Hour season.


Birthdate // May 9th, 2014 (28 years old)
Birth Location // Gdańsk, Poland
Spoken Languages // Native Polish, English
Nationality // Polish

Personal History[]

As the daughter of wealthy parents, Lis experienced an upbringing more privileged than most of her peers. She attended the prestigious Nord Anglia boarding school and initially did well in her studies. However, her educational performance began to decline as world events worsened and her own country became embroiled in crisis.

With a growing desire to do something with her life that mattered, Lis defied her parent's wishes and enlisted in the Polish military. Despite being cut off from her family, Lis forged ahead with her decision in the hope that one day her family could forgive her.

As Europe disintegrated, Poland eventually collapsed. Lis, now a member of Poland's elite special forces, headed up one of the few remaining GROM units, helping government officials restore order. Their main task was targeting Dark Market bases that were flooding the country with weapons. Lis and her team were on a night raid infiltrating an illegal weapons compound when the Blackout hit and scrambled their equipment. In the mayhem that followed her entire team was wiped out - only Lis escaped with near fatal injuries.

As Lis recovered, she threw herself back into armed combat and vowed to help the families of her fallen comrades with whatever money she could make. This led to a meeting with a No-Pat called Angel and an opportunity to make cash by trading data drives to the highest bidder. While attempting to offload some intel she learned of a secret base in the Canadian Rockies and its connection to the Blackout. Lis finally had a chance to find those responsible for the death of her team.

While the Black Ridge mission failed to provide living culprits, the facility was at least destroyed - Lis could be sure nothing like the Blackout would ever happen again. That was until she reconnected with Angel and discovered the Exodus was hunting a No-Pat leader named Oz. He'd used the Dark Market to sabotage Black Ridge and steal plans for a new weapon. It looks like Lis's mission is just getting started.

Key Dates[]

  • 2014 - Born in Gdańsk, Poland.
  • 2032 - at 18, joins the Polish military.
  • 2035 - at 21, advances into Poland's elite special force, GROM.
  • 2039 - at 25, undertakes missions to target Dark Market strongholds.
  • 2040 - at 26, survives the death of her unit and goes on to support their families.
  • 2041 - at 27, meets No-Pat Constantin Anghel.
  • 2042 - at 28, undertakes a mission to the facility responsible for the Blackout. Joins the Exodus.


G-84 TGM Icon
"Launches a player controlled anti-vehicle missile."

— In-game description

Lis is equipped with the G-84 TGM shoulder-fired weapon with two missiles as her specialty. This TV-guided missile has a range of 475 meters[2], with a fuel gauge indicating remaining time in flight. It will automatically detonate at the end of its range. It will also beep as it nears a vehicle target, although it has no self-seeking behavior. Like all other shoulder-fired weapons, the G-84 produces backblast that can incapacitate enemies behind the user. Lis will regenerate a missile in roughly 30 seconds.[3]

Due to balance reasons, Lis can't equip other launchers including the Recoilless M5, RPG-7V2, Predator SRAW, FGM-148 Javelin or FXM-33 AA Missile.

The G-84 possesses a one-time boost to attack speed to 110 meters per second[2], which will severely limit maneuverability. While in search speed, the missile can be steered beyond 360° of its original trajectory, maintaining an upright view when in level flight. This allows the user to lob shots over tall cover and/or around corners. The player can also attack targets behind or to their flank, if steered early enough. On Exposure, there is enough range to attack the top of the map from the bottom, and vice versa.

Damage is comparable to the Recoilless M5, with reduced splash damage. Many air vehicles can be destroyed in one hit, with attack helicopters needing another hit, and air transports another three without repair. Armored ground vehicles generally need at least two hits, with some pieces of heavy armor able to be destroyed with three rear hits.

The missile is much more noticeable than other ordnance, with a bright orange (blue if it comes from the same team) glow and loud engine. It can also be destroyed by gunfire or other missiles, potentially inflicting damage on the user's teammates caught in its blast.[4] The user cannot move or change stance while guiding the missile, but can break out early by releasing aim, and use the weapon while riding on ziplines. (The player cannot return to steering the same missile.) If Lis got affected by EMP, she will exit the control screen and therefore lose the control of missile.

Irish's APS-36 Shootdown Sentry will stop the G-84 missile.[5] Meanwhile Dozer's SOB-8 Ballistic Shield can block the missile.


Armor Hunter Icon
"Reveal nearby enemy vehicles that are damaged or hacked when the G-84 TGM is equipped."

— In-game description

Lis comes with the Armor Hunter as her trait. Damaged enemy vehicles up to 125 meters for ground vehicles and 300 meters for air vehicles will be marked on her visor, even through cover when she hold her G-84 TGM.[6]

One disadvantage to the trait is that vehicle occupants may be obscured by an enclosed cabin, making it difficult to accurately target them.[7]



Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Reconnection Reconnection
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 51
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Grease Monkey Grease Monkey
300 BFC (Headgear)
1,750 BFC (Overdrive Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Raider Raider
Earn 35 ribbons during the second week of Battle of Nordvik: Redux in any official game mode
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Alloy Lung Alloy Lung
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 79
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Haunted Visage Haunted Visage
300 BFC (Headgear)
1,750 BFC (Horrow Show Bundle)


Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Specialist Lis Specialist Lis
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Mamba Mamba
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Hexmesh Triweave Hexmesh Triweave
Lis Mastery 1 (T5)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Night Operations Night Operations
5 kills and assists as Lis
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Clip Champ Clip Champ
Prime Gaming reward
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Amazon Amazon
Master of Arms Premium Battle Pass tier 69
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Gunrunner Gunrunner
500 BFC (Set)
1,000 BFC (Lawless Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Raven Raven
Escalation Free Battle Pass tier 40
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Operation Gemini Operation Gemini
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 81
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Resin Resin
EA Play reward
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Marauder Marauder
Earn 15 ribbons during the second week of Battle of Nordvik: Redux in any official game mode
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Inkblot Inkblot
Dark Creations Premium Battle Pass tier 56
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Fractured State Fractured State
Turning Point Free Battle Pass tier 52
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Silent Unseen Silent Unseen
Lis Mastery 4 (T4)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Tier 1 Tier 1
Lis Mastery 40 (T1)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Short Circuit Short Circuit
750 BFC (Set)
1,000 BFC (Stormsurge Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Street Level Street Level
750 BFC (Set)
1,000 BFC (Urban Ops Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Blasting Agent Blasting Agent
750 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Leave No Trace Bundle)
4,000 BFC (Liquidators Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Slow Burn Slow Burn
750 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Fire Team Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Fjord Fjord
Escalation Premium Battle Pass tier 83
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Dark Waters Dark Waters
EA Play reward
750 BFC (Set)
1,400 BFC (From the Depths Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Famine Famine
750 BFC (Set)
2,400 BFC (Twilight Strike Bundle)
3,000 BFC (Battle of Nordvik Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Dominant Eye Dominant Eye
750 BFC (Set)
1,000 BFC (Fire Sector Bundle)
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Garmr Garmr
Eleventh Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 93
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Brutal Partisan Brutal Partisan
New Dawn Premium Battle Pass tier 0
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Anaconda Anaconda
Turning Point Premium Battle Pass tier 75
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis La Lola's Wrath La Lola's Wrath
Turning Point Free Battle Pass tier 98
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Skybreaker Skybreaker
Zero Hour Premium Battle Pass tier 100
Battlefield 2042 Ewelina Lis Deimos Deimos
1,000 BFC (Set)
1,750 BFC (Killer Instinct Bundle)


Loading Screen Quotes[8]
  • "I spent a month embedded in the jungle with Casper once. Nice guy. We had a lot more in common than I ever expected."
  • "Most people don't like fighting in the cold, but something about snow brings clarity. Can't forget how much blood we spill when it ruins that white horizon."
  • "I was glad to see the Steadfast facility destroyed. Just a shame it wasn't by my hand."
  • "We don't talk much, but Blasco helped me put together a memorial for my unit on the Exodus. She understands what it's like to lose people you care about."
  • "If you want me to be honest – fuck the Dark Market. They infected Poland like a cancer. I’ll never forgive them for that."


Player Cards[]


  • She was first mentioned in the Intel Wars podcast. Her voice appears in a leaked transmission obtained by Mitahli Reed.
  • Considered a vehicle in the game engine, a G-84 in flight will use the player's vehicle aim sensitivity settings.
  • Her surname means "Fox" in Polish.