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Explosive Tipped Arrows are fictional trick arrows featured in Battlefield 4. The arrows have a small shaped charge attached to a torque arrowhead which will detonate on impact with a target.

Battlefield 4[]

"A small explosive arrowhead that detonates on impact. The weight of the charge greatly decreases the effective range of the weapon."

— In-game description

The Explosive Tipped Arrow is an ammo type available for the Phantom bow in Battlefield 4, and is one of four arrow types available to the Phantom alongside the Broadhead Arrow, Bulletpoint Arrow, and Poison Arrow.

As its name suggests, the arrow has an explosive charge attached to its arrowhead that detonates on impact. The explosion is very small, comparable to the 40mm 3GL, and is incapable of damaging vehicles, but causes heavy suppression and adds onto the arrow's impact damage. Unlike all other arrows, the Explosive Tip has a base damage with no falloff, always doing 60 damage on a direct impact, so it is capable of killing a player at full health with a headshot at all ranges. The arrow posses a unique upper chest multiplier that will increase the damage taken with a chest shot within 10 meters, giving it improved killing potential, but only in very close quarters with a still target.[1]

The Explosive Tip functions more as a utility arrow, being less useful for killing enemies and more effective at suppressing and harassing groups. The arrow's explosive charge is also capable of causing small-scale Destruction, like destroying weak concrete walls and fences to open up alternate paths, as well as terrain deformation, but it cannot destroy sides of buildings like 40mm Grenades and other explosives are able to.

Despite having the same velocity as the other arrows, the Explosive Tip is the heaviest arrowhead available and has significant drop as a result, severely limiting its effective range. The Phantom's sights are roughly zeroed as follows with the Explosive Tip: the green pin is accurate at 25 meters, yellow at 35 meters, and red at 45 meters. Any distance beyond 45 meters requires aiming below the entire sight to accurately hit.


  • The Explosive Tipped Arrow's appearance is inspired by the fictional Explosive Arrows used by John Rambo in Rambo: First Blood Part II and Rambo III. The prop arrows used in the films are Razorback 5 broadhead tips with their protective covers on, which were painted gold.

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