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"Head to the Canadian Rockies and traverse the extreme vertical terrain. Ground-to-air combat as well as tight infantry fights await."

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Exposure is a map of Battlefield 2042, introduced in Zero Hour season on June 9th 2022. It was first revealed in the interview with GameSpot.[1]

The map takes place in a remote highway in Canada, near a government facility. Some of the map appears to have been heavily damaged by an unspecified event. The roads and part of the facility appear to have been destroyed by some kind of landslide, leaving a giant opening of rubble in the facility and large collapsed sections of the mountain highway, with what appears to have been a convoy of shipping semi trailers having tumbled down the mountain range into the low areas below. The event which rendered the map in its present state appears to be part of the severe climate change ongoing by 2042.


"A landslide in the Canadian rockies granted us a view inside the Black Ridge facility. And what we see is a direct threat - a weapon that cannot be allowed to continue to operate. Today's mission is urgent. You will travel to the base along with our allies, then secure all sectors on-site. We will set things right. Your transport is waiting."

— Russian Briefing

"Seismic activity in British Columbia has damaged a Canadian-US research facility base. A landslide has exposed the interior and damaged the surrounding area. The Russians wrongly allege that this has revealed a military weapon and are deploying forces onto Canadian soil to secure it. Not on my watch. Let's send Ivan home."

— American Briefing


US Deployments[]

Russian Deployments[]


A: Black Ridge[]


B: Mission Operations[]

C: Command Center[]

D: Mountain Complex[]

E: Landslide[]


F: Monitoring Station[]


Conquest 64[]


US Deployment[]

Russian Deployment[]


A: Equipment Storage[]

B: Command Center[]


C: Landslide[]

D: Delta[]


"America and its Canadian ally have been developing illegal technology - and they've been caught. Russia will no longer talk - today , Russia acts. You will secure the base sector by sector. Your force is limited, and the Americans will attempt to drag out the engagement. Strike decisively, and this risk to the world can be put under Russian control. Out."

— Russian Briefing

"In an outrageous move, the Russians have just penetrated Canadian airspace. They're moving here, to a joint US/Canadian research facility in the Rocky Mountains. I cannot express the importance of this facility enough. Protect and hold the sectors no matter the cost. We must defend this sovereign territory. Command out."

— American Briefing

Sector 1[]

Sector 2[]

Sector 3[]



  • The map's internal name is MP_Ridge.