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For the specialization in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, see Extended Shotgun Magazine.
For the superior magazine extension in Battlefield Play4Free, see Casket Mags.

Glock 18 Extended Magazine

A Glock 18 featuring an extended magazine.

An extended magazine is a magazine which has a larger capacity than magazines normally used for a respective firearm.

Battlefield 2142[]

Battlefield 2142 features numerous upgrades that increase the ammunition capacity for weapons.


"The Sidearm Ammo Upgrade equips the older with a larger capacity pistol clip, adding 2 rounds to the EU's sidearm, the P33 Pereira, and 3 rounds to the PAC's primary sidearm, the Takao T20. The Engineer will receive an additional clip for his SMG."

BFHQ description

MaxClip is an upgrade that increases the ammunition capacity of Handguns.

The capacity of the P33 Pereira is increased from 8 to 10 while the capacity of the Takao T20 is increased from 12 to 15.

Due to the fact that the Engineer is not equipped with a pistol, SMGs gain one extra magazine in reserve. 

Advanced Magazine[]

"The Special Ammo Magazine Expansion utilizes the compression compound LNDT-F04 to expand the magazine capacity of any Assault's rifle rocket and shotgun add-ons and the number of magazines carried from three to four."

— BFHQ description

Added in the Northern Strike booster pack (and later made free to everyone via patch 1.51), the Advanced Magazine is an upgrade for the Herzog AR-Shotgun and PK-74 AR-Rocket. It allows for an additional round per magazine for either attachment, as well as an additional spare magazine.

SMG Clip Expansion[]

"The SMG clip expansion was a simple, but lethal addition to Engineers in the field. By removing the springs at the base of their SMG clips and replacing them with a fused magnetic plate, an Engineer could expand the magazine capacity."

— BFHQ description

Also added in the Northern Strike booster pack, the SMG Clip Expansion is an Upgrade which increases the ammunition capacity of the Turcotte Rapid SMG and the Malkov RK-11 SMG.

Battlefield Play4Free[]

High Capacity Mags is a weapon attachment featured in Battlefield Play4Free. It increases a user's magazines capacity allowing for more ammunition to be carried.

It adds one mag to the player's weapon. The amount of ammunition added depends on the weapon itself.

Battlefield 3[]

"Extended Magazine increases the total amount of bullets in each magazine, giving more shots before you need to reload."

— Battlelog description

Extended Magazine is a secondary weapon attachment featured in Battlefield 3 that increases a weapon's magazine capacity. The player still carries the same amount of reserve ammunition, unless the AMMO specialization is equipped.

Extended Magazines are only available for Light Machine Guns, Shotguns and most PDWs. The attachment is also seen on the M39 EMR, but only in Co-op mode.

In the singleplayer campaign, Extended Magazines are always used on the M249 SAW and DAO-12. They can also be found on the M1014, USAS-12, Type 88 LMG, PDW-R and MP7. The attachment was also seen on the M240 in the "Fault Line" trailers for Operation Swordbreaker.

Battlefield Hardline[]

"Magazine with additional rounds for less frequent reloading. Adds a slight penalty to maneuverability."

— Battlelog description

The Extended Magazine appears as an accessory in Battlefield Hardline. The accessory increases the magazine size of weapon when equipped, and, unlike its Battlefield 3 counterpart, is available for most magazine-fed primary weapons and the MAC-10. Weapons with magazine sizes over 40 by default are unable to equip Extended Magazine (excluding the M240B in singleplayer only). The Extended Magazine is automatically unlocked for the MP5K.

The accessory will normally increase the magazine size by 5 more rounds (10 for most Battle Rifles), which allows the player to fire for longer without reloading. The increased magazine size does not affect the player's reserve ammunition, so the player will end up having less magazines overall and will need to mindful of ammo conservation with Enforcers to resupply from.

Uniquely, the M1A1's magazine will be upgraded to a 50-round drum magazine from its default 30-round magazine with the accessory, a much larger magazine size than most of the other weapons. Due to the Thompson's somewhat long reload speed, this upgrade, (which is one of two available for it) helps to improve its effectiveness significantly.

Visually, weapons using STANAG magazines will be given a magazine extension or replaced with an extended PMAG, AK style weapons are given an extended waffle pattern magazine; all other weapons have unique models for their extended magazines.

Battlefield 1[]

Although Battlefield 1 does not offer fully customizable weapon attachments, certain weapon variants may provide extended magazines. These include the Assault's 12g Automatic Extended and the Support's Lewis Gun and MG15 n.A. Suppressive.

In addition, the Medic's Autoloading 8 .25 Extended and Scout's M1903 Springfield Experimental use a smaller alternate ammunition type with increased magazine capacity.

Some pistol carbines also have extended magazines when compared to their sidearm counterparts.

Battlefield V[]

"Equip extended magazines, allowing you to shoot longer before reloading."

— In-game Description

Two weapon specializations are featured in Battlefield V: Extended Magazine and Extended Belt. Extended Magazine is available for all assault rifles, semi-automatic rifles, and submachine guns. Extend Belt is available for all medium machine guns. Both specializations increases the size of magazines or ammo belts, allowing players to shoot longer before reloading.