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"This fully automatic Belgian assault rifle features a bullpup layout and offers a selection of modifications ranging from scopes to grenade launcher attachments enabling it to be tailored for any given mission or tactical situation."

— In-game description

The F2000 Assault is an Assault Rifle featured in Battlefield: Bad Company 2.


The F2000 Assault is first encountered on Sangre del Toro. It is equipped only with iron sights and its GL1 under-barrel grenade launcher. The iron sight version can be unlocked in Base Station Alpha.

The red dot sight version can be first found in the detention camp in the mission No One Gets Left Behind. It is later encountered on Zero Dark Thirty equipped with a Red Dot Sight in addition to its grenade launcher, used by a Russian after Preston Marlowe is hit by a flashbang grenade.

It is a good alternative to Marlowe's standard rifle, the XM8 Prototype, as it can fulfill the close-range role of an SMG, without the smaller cartridge, or can equally be effective as a medium-range assault rifle that can take on all troops, including those with Type 88 LMG's or mounted KORD HMG's. Both variants of the F2000 are Collectible Weapons.


The F2000 is the third assault rifle issued to the Assault kit, requiring 8,000 points to unlock. It has the highest rate of fire of all assault rifles at 850 RPM with the cost of low damage per shot.

This makes it somewhat effective in close quarters combat, but hard to use effectively at longer ranges much like an SMG, unless the user equips Magnum Ammunition. However, unlike an SMG, the F2000 has an attached GL1 grenade launcher, which gives the user an edge against opponents at medium range, especially if they are in cover.

The weapon can be modified by adding a Red Dot Sight or 4X Rifle Scope, when unlocked for the Assault kit.

The iron sights on the gun are rather small, but are effective for pinpoint accuracy, with a very prominent and thin front post.

The F2000's main role is as a mobile assault rifle. It has the smallest hipfire spread of all assault rifles, whilst standing still or moving, and the smallest effect on spread whilst moving and aiming simultaneously of almost every weapon, only equal to the UZI and UMP-45.


For attachments pictures, see F2000/Attachments.


  • The F2000, like the SCAR-L Carbine, M24 Sniper, XM8 LMG, M95 Sniper, and the SPECACT weapons, is one of the few weapons to change its texture in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 depending on the environment being played in, sporting a black finish in arctic environments and a beige finish in desert and tropical environments.
    • These same weapons (minus the SPECACT weapons and the XM8 LMG) were also the guns in Battlefield: Bad Company to feature woodland camouflage.
  • If the player equips the F2000 as a primary and the M93R Burst as their sidearm, then when switching to the M93R, the player will pull up the F2000's leaf sight, then pull out the M93. If the player switches back to the F2000, the player will pull out the F2000 and put down the leaf sight.


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