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"The F2000 is a fully modular, completely ambidextrous assault rifle. Its modules can be changed without the aid of tools making it very versatile."

— In-game description

The F2000 is an Assault Rifle featured in Battlefield 2, issued to the Assault class of the British SAS in the Special Forces expansion pack. It is also available as the second tier unlock for all factions in the base game.

Its rate of fire, damage, and spread are average for the assault rifles. Like most of the other assault rifles, it comes equipped with a grenade launcher, known simply as the F2000 GL. However, when the F2000 is equipped, the Smoke Grenade becomes unavailable, being replaced by the Flashbang.


3D Renders[]


  • A bug on the BFHQ menu causes the Flashbang to show as the main weapon of the second tier unlock instead of the F2000. In addition, it is shown as permanently locked, even if the player has unlocked the F2000.