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Parts of disassembled F2000 including scope and its cover

The F2000's 1.6X optic is the standard sight for the F2000. It acts as a low magnification sight.

Battlefield 4[]

"Factory standard equipment. A close range shrouded optical sight with 1.6X magnification and open post reticle for an unobstructed view."

— Battlelog description

The F2000 (1.6x) is an optical sight unique only to the F2000 in Battlefield 4. It acts as an intermediate sight between 1x and 2x sights. The sight uses an opaque post as the reticle.


  • In Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Hardline, the F2000 uses the scope as an integral part of the weapon, and in the latter's case when Iron Sights are selected for the F2000's optic. Unlike in Battlefield 4, the scope confers no overt benefits and is primarily cosmetic, although in Hardline it makes the F2000 the only primary weapon with no iron sights.
  • The sight has an unusable backup iron sight mounted on top.