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The F4U Corsair was an American carrier-capable fighter plane designed by Vought in the late 1930s and early 1940s. It saw much use during World War II, where it was primarily used as a carrier-based fighter in the Pacific, and in the Korean War.

Battlefield 1942[]


A Corsair at the Coral Sea

The Corsair is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1942 and is the United States Marine Corps' main fighter aircraft. It has space for one player, who pilots the aircraft. It has two weapons available, its machine guns with 900 rounds of ammunition, and single bombs, with 15 units available. It spawns along with the SBD on the Enterprise, and on many air bases. It is replaced by the P-51 Mustang on European maps.

As with other fighter aircraft, the Corsair's role is mostly to support ground troops and to hunt and destroy enemy fighters and bombers. Its machine guns are very effective against lighter targets, such as aircraft and cars, and its single bomb can aid greatly in destroying enemy armor.

A bomb is also efficient against emplacements, as a single well-placed bomb can destroy any anti-aircraft gun, defgun or heavy machine gun position. However, it is relatively weak against large ships, and players should opt for the SBD if they wish to sink an enemy vessel. The Corsair is especially fast and maneuverable, which makes it the optimal choice for dogfighting.

The Corsair's prime weakness is its weak armor. Anti-aircraft guns rip through it in just a few shots. The Corsair requires a certain degree of skill to use effectively.

It is a direct equivalent to the Imperial Japanese Navy's Zero and the Wehrmacht's Bf 109.



Battlefield Vietnam[]

The Corsair returns to Battlefield Vietnam World War II Mod as the fighter of the U.S. Marines. It performs identically to the Battlefield 1942 counterpart.

In the code, the Corsair is identified as Corsair1942 to avoid confusion with the A-7 Corsair II from base Battlefield Vietnam.

Battlefield 1943[]


Two Corsairs in Battlefield 1943.

The Vought F4U Corsair is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 1943. It spawns regularly at USMC aircraft carriers and bases and the "Airfield" flags of Wake Island and Iwo Jima and the "Village" flag of Guadalcanal if the USMC captures them beforehand.

Its armament consists of four .50 cal rapid-firing heavy machine guns and bombs effective for dive bombing enemy targets. Its low maneuverability and high speed can make it difficult to use and make chances to attack very short. It is extremely vulnerable to enemy fighters and 40mm Bofors.

The Corsair's landing gear comes out at low speeds, but it is very difficult to land, so most players prefer to attempt crashing into an enemy and jumping out at the last second or simply parachuting out. However, pilots can repair their damaged Corsairs, mid-flight, by gliding just above a friendly airstrip or carrier.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2[]


Three F4U Corsairs attacking an IJN convoy in Operation Aurora.

The Corsair makes a very brief appearance in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in the opening mission, Operation Aurora, when a Japanese convoy is obliterated by bombs from a trio of Corsairs.

Corsairs are seen later in the level. In particular, during the car chase scene, and prior to entering the sub pens, Corsairs are seen bombing Japanese positions and buildings, and several crash on the road. The Corsair is never usable by the player.

Battlefield V[]

The Corsair F4U is a vehicle set to be featured in Battlefield V, introduced in the Tides of War chapter, War In The Pacific. The aircraft is the USA's fighter on Pacific maps, counterpart to the P-51 on European and North African maps. It is equivalent of the Japanese Zero, and comes in two variants - the F4U-1A and F4U-1C.

The aircraft also appears as part of scripted setpieces on the Pacific maps, performing flyovers and off-map bombing runs on Iwo Jima and Solomon Islands.


"Designed to be operated from a naval carrier and best known for its distinctive upturned wings, this fighter aircraft was well regarded by the pilots who operated it as well as those who faced it in a dogfight."

— In-game description

The Corsair F4U-1A is the bomber variant of the F4U. Its specialisations include formidable improvements to performance, that allows the aircraft to climb higher, turn tighter and generally maneuver better in air-to-air engagements. Armed with dual .30cal MGs and 20mm Cannons by default, either arm can be improved with more guns for additional damage. The aircraft also carries iron bombs of a variety of capacities, including Incendiary Bombs for aerial denial duties.


"A variant of the legendary line of fighter aircraft that incorporated some new features allowing it to carry large payloads and the potential to have an increased top speed."

— In-game description

The Corsair F4U-1C is the fighter variant of the F4U, armed with forward-firing rockets of varying calibres and equipped with specialisations to increase durability and thus survivability during ground attacks. Initially Outfitted with four .50cals machine guns, players can increase strafing potential with additional 20mm cannons, Or upgrade the main weapons to 6x hmgs with no drop in fire rate, As a result, one can leave their secondary weapon slot open for the Manual Superchargers which allows for emergency war speed capabilities to out turn opposing fighters at the risk of overheating with overuse. The 1C can also perform support duties including dropping supplies, a spawn point, or by gathering intelligence through forward-facing Spotting Scopes. The Rockets themselves can be replaced by a unique Glide Bomb that can travel much farther before striking a target, Or increase the rocket package to 8x 3.5 inch FFAR rockets or even 2x 5 inch FFAR rockets for quicker dispersion.



Battlefield V[]

  • The "Bikini Atoll" skin for the Corsair is based on the paint scheme of F6F Hellcat instrument drones used during the Bikini Atoll atomic bomb tests.