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The FAMAS in reality.

The FAMAS (Fusil d'Assaut de la Manufacture d'Armes de Saint-Etienne, French for "Assault Rifle of the Saint-Etienne weapon factory") is a French-made assault rifle. Its development began in the late 60's during the Vietnam era and it is in wide usage within the French military today, adopted in 1978, as the service rifle of the French army. It uses a bullpup layout, and the F1 variant fires the 5.56mm NATO cartridge from a 25-round magazine, but the later G2 model can use 30-round NATO STANAG magazines.

In all games but Battlefield 2, the FAMAS is a mix of a few variants of the real-life FAMAS assault rifle. It uses the outdated 25-round magazine from older F1 / G1 variants, the updated and enlarged trigger guard present on the newer G1 / G2 variants, and the lowered carrying handle of the redesigned G2 used in the FÉLIN program.

Battlefield 2Edit

"The FAMAS is a French made assault rifle. Its development began in the late 60's and it is in wide usage within the French military today. It uses a bullpup layout with the magazine at the back of the gun, behind the trigger and fires standard 5.56 NATO round. Its low damage is balanced by its high rate of fire."

— FAMAS in-game description.

The FAMAS is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 2: Euro Force booster pack as the default rifle issued to the European forces' Medic kit. It is statistically very similar to the M16A2. It possesses damage, recoil, and rate of fire stats identical to that of the M16A2. Its spread stats are similar to the M16A2, although marginally higher, making it slightly less accurate than the M16A2. Along with the L85A1 and F2000, the FAMAS is special in that it comes pre-equipped with an optic as opposed to iron sights. It is also special in that it is capable of both fully automatic or three-round-burst firemodes.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

"FAMAS is the standard Assault Rifle of the French Armed Forces. It's of bullpup design, has very high Rate of Fire and is best fired zoomed and in short bursts."

— Weapon description

The FAMAS is a purchasable weapon for the Assault kit in Battlefield Play4Free. It is a bullpup assault rifle that boasts the highest rate of fire amongst the available assault rifles. By default, it features medium damage, a 26-round magazine and a reload speed that is slightly slower than most of the other assault rifles. As the case with most bullpup weapons, the recoil of the FAMAS tends to pull mostly to the right and up. When aiming down sight and firing in bursts, the recoil is fairly easy to manage if the user is familiar with this recoil pattern.

Battlefield 3Edit

"Standard service rifle of the French military."

— Battlelog description

The FAMAS is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion.[2] It was first seen on the "Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Gameplay Premiere Trailer" with a Holographic Sight and a Laser Sight attached. It is the first unlockable assault weapon of the expansion pack and is obtained through the completion of the Best Friend Forever assignment.

The FAMAS has the highest fire rate of all fully automatic weapons but is hindered by extremely obtrusive iron sights and muzzle which blocks much of the peripheral vision, making an optic a must. To further hinder its usage the recoil pulls up sharply, and bounces significantly from side to side. A small magazine size of 25 + 1 rounds, coupled with an extremely long reload time make getting caught off guard extremely detrimental. Additionally, it has the highest spread of the assault weapons when aiming down sights, on par with the F2000. The FAMAS has the highest rate of fire of the Assault Rifles and the quickest time to kill weapon in Battlefield 3 multiplayer closely followed by the M240B.

Battlefield 4Edit

The FAMAS appears in Battlefield 4.


The FAMAS is unlocked by completing the Bronze assignment in Shanghai by scoring 3000 points. It is equipped with a Reflex, flash Light, Compensator and Potato Grip. It sports a Worm Urban finish.


The FAMAS is an unlockable Assault Rifle in the Assault class. It has the highest rate of fire of any assault rifle at 1000 rounds per minute, making it the fastest firing primary weapon in Battlefield 4 tied with the CZ-3A1. However, it has one of the lowest stability stats, higher recoil and muzzle rise, making long range engagements more difficult. It also holds only 25+1 rounds, 5 rounds less than the typical assault rifle. This, combined with its rate of fire, the FAMAS will drain ammo quickly and cause frequent reloads, which are also a problem due to the above average reload time, and the need for ammo. Like all other bullpup weapons in the game, it has a tighter hipfire spread making it more advantageous in close quarter battles. A Stubby Grip and Compensator are worthwhile attachments for mitigating recoil.


Battlefield HardlineEdit

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The FAMAS is an Assault rifle released alongside the Robbery expansion for Battlefield Hardline, available for the Operator for both factions. Like the M1A1, which was released alongside the Criminal Activity expansion, the FAMAS does not require ownership of the expansion and is available to all players.


Battlefield 2Edit

  • In the trailer for Battlefield 2 the FAMAS was shown with a rifle grenade launcher that was cut in the final game.
  • In Battlefield 2, the FAMAS is modeled after the FAMAS F1. In later games however, it is modeled after the FAMAS Valorisé, an improved version that saw limited service in real life.

Battlefield Play4FreeEdit

  • In Battlefield Play4Free the FAMAS's extremely high rate of fire is only comparable with the M134 Dillon Minigun, as being the fastest firing gun in-game.

Battlefield 3Edit

  • In Battlefield 3, the Battlelog icon of the FAMAS shows it without its magazine.
  • The FAMAS in Battlefield 3 formerly had slightly different statistics on each platform. This has been corrected as of the latest patch. Furthermore, its magazine size was decreased from 30 + 1 rounds to 25 + 1 rounds.
  • The FAMAS is the only bullpup weapon in Battlefield 3 which does not receive a movement speed and accuracy increase while aiming.

Battlefield 4 Edit

  • The FAMAS is the fastest firing primary weapon in Battlefield 4, sharing the same rate of fire with the CZ-3A1 at 1000 RPM.
  • Equipping the Canted Iron Sights without an optic will block the default iron sight, making it useless. This combination is now impossible after a patch.
  • Interestingly, equipping the Bipod on the FAMAS will give it's real-life bipod, but it's almost useless to use on the FAMAS due to the small magazine.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

  • The FAMAS is the only assault rifle in the game that can switch to burst fire.

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