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"Standard service rifle of the French military."

— Battlelog description

The FAMAS is a weapon featured in the Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand expansion.[1] It was first seen on the "Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Gameplay Premiere Trailer" with a Holographic Sight and a Laser Sight attached. It is the first unlockable assault weapon of the expansion pack and is obtained through the completion of the Best Friend Forever assignment.

The FAMAS has the highest fire rate of all fully automatic weapons but is hindered by extremely obtrusive iron sights and muzzle which blocks much of the peripheral vision, making an optic a must. To further hinder its usage the recoil pulls up sharply, and bounces significantly from side to side. A small magazine size of 25 + 1 rounds, coupled with an extremely long reload time make getting caught off guard extremely detrimental. Additionally, it has the highest spread of the assault weapons when aiming down sights, on par with the F2000. The FAMAS has the highest rate of fire of the Assault Rifles and the quickest time to kill weapon in Battlefield 3 multiplayer closely followed by the M240B.



  • In Battlefield 3, the Battlelog icon along with the customization screen icon of the FAMAS shows it without its magazine.
  • The FAMAS in Battlefield 3 formerly had slightly different statistics on each platform. This was corrected in a later patch. Furthermore, its magazine size was decreased from 30 + 1 rounds to 25 + 1 rounds.
  • The FAMAS is the only bullpup weapon in Battlefield 3 which does not receive a movement speed and accuracy increase while aiming.