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"FAMAS is the standard Assault Rifle of the French Armed Forces. It's of bullpup design, has very high Rate of Fire and is best fired zoomed and in short bursts."

— Weapon description

The FAMAS is a purchasable weapon for the Assault kit in Battlefield Play4Free. It is a bullpup assault rifle that boasts the highest rate of fire amongst the available assault rifles. By default, it features medium damage, a 26-round magazine and a reload speed that is slightly slower than most of the other assault rifles. As the case with most bullpup weapons, the recoil of the FAMAS tends to pull mostly to the right and up. When aiming down sight and firing in bursts, the recoil is fairly easy to manage if the user is familiar with this recoil pattern.



  • In Battlefield Play4Free the FAMAS's extremely high rate of fire is only comparable with the M134 Dillon Minigun, as being the fastest firing gun in-game.