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FAST SWAP is a specialization featured in the Battlefield series.

Battlefield HardlineEdit

"Knowing your equipment and practicing transitions allows you to rapidly swap between weapons and gadgets."

— In-Game Description

FAST SWAP is a Tier 4 Specialization featured in Battlefield Hardline as a part of the Operator and Mechanic Reputation tracks. It allows players to switch between weapons and gadgets faster than normal.

Battlefield VEdit

"Switch weapons 15% faster and shoot sooner after sprinting."

— In-Game Description

SWINGS AND SWIVELS is a specialization featured in Battlefield V. It allows players to switch weapons 15% quicker. Additionally, it decreases the amount of time it takes to fire a weapon again after sprinting.


  • In Battlefield V, the SWINGS AND SWIVELS specialization was originally called QUICK DEPLOY in the Alpha and Beta versions of the game.
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