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This article describes a specific vehicle. For the vehicle class in general, visit Fast Attack Vehicle.

The LYT2021 in real life.

The LYT2021 is a light utility vehicle used by the People's Liberation Army Airborne Corps of China. The vehicle was developed in the late 90's by Wuhan Lingyun Co. Ltd., a firm based out of a former military aircraft maintenance factory located in Hubei Province in central China.

The LYT2021 entered service in 2001 with the Airborne and replaced the BJ2020 as the Corps' fast attack vehicle. The vehicle is a four-wheel drive all terrain buggy that has room for four soldiers and mounts for a Type 85 HMG in a ring above the vehicle and a mount on the passenger side dashboard for a crew-serviced weapon such as the QBB-95 or QLZ-87. There is also a version which can mount a 23mm machine-cannon. At only 1700 kg (3,748 lbs), the vehicle is light enough to be carried by the Yun-7 and Yun-8 transport aircraft used by the PLAAF for airborne insertion.

The LYT2021 had appeared in the Battlefield series under the names FAV Buggy and FAV (fast attack vehicle).

Battlefield 2[]

The FAV Buggy is one of the light vehicle featured in Battlefield 2, used by the Middle Eastern Coalition, the MEC Special Forces, the People's Liberation Army, the Rebel Forces, the Insurgent Forces and the Spetsnaz. It performs similarly to the US/EU Desert Patrol Vehicle and seats three players: a driver, a gunner, and a passenger.

The main gunner has a full 360 degree field of view with their mounted KORD/Type 85 HMG, an advantage over the Desert Patrol Vehicle. The second gunner is also armed with an RPK-74/QBB-95 and has about a 90 degree field of view to attack oncoming enemies.

The vehicle should be used for its intended purpose - a fast land transport to get around the map quickly, and to make high speed dashes to capture control points or slip behind enemy lines - as it is very susceptible to damage from small arms and machine gun fire. Heavy weapons can easily make short work of an FAV, and drivers should always keep away from heavy armor.


Battlefield 2: Modern Combat[]

The FAV is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 2: Modern Combat, operated by the Middle Eastern Coalition but also replacing the NJ 2046 as the Chinese light utility vehicle. It is armed with a KORD HMG or Type 85 HMG (depending on the team) for the gunner and a QLZ-87 for the passenger, making it much more formidable against infantry than in Battlefield 2.

However, the passenger seat looks directly into the roll cage bar, meaning that the passenger has a severely reduced field of view over the DPV's passenger, meaning they will likely have to switch to third-person view to fire the launcher to be able to see their target.


Battlefield Play4Free[]

The FAV is a vehicle featured in Battlefield Play4Free, used by the Russian Army. It appears only on Oman at the Russian Base, the Construction Site under RU control, and by the Wrecked Train under RU control. It can also be found scattered about the map by the hotel behind the Gas Station control point and by the river behind the Wrecked train.

It is nearly identical in performance to the USMC DPV, but can be used to traverse Oman very quickly. This makes it useful early on to capture control points before heavy armor shows up as it can be destroyed by a single tank shot or rocket from a Stationary AT or an Engineer's RPG-7, so players driving the vehicle will want to avoid heavy armor fights as much as possible. The mounted KORD on top also does not allow the operator to crouch, leaving them fairly exposed to enemy fire.

Unlike in previous titles. the passenger seat player is allowed to use their weapons. This can potentially make the FAV a hit-and run anti-tank vehicle if an Engineer passenger uses their Tracer Dart Gun to lock on to a vehicle and then fire their RPG at it. This could also work well for a mine-laying vehicle to pester enemy armor, as the passenger could drop mines about as the driver goes around the map.


Battlefield 4[]

The LYT2021 is a vehicle featured in Battlefield 4 as the Chinese counterpart to the American Growler ITV and the Russian VDV Buggy. It can be found at CN deployments, as well as flags controlled by the Chinese. The LYT2021 is resistant to small arms fire, but the crew are largely exposed due to the lack of a windshield and doors -- however, the vehicle itself is vulnerable to anti-tank weaponry and explosives. If the vehicle drives into a static object at sufficient speed, vehicle can catch fire and suffer significant damage.

The vehicle has space for three players: a driver who controls the vehicle, a gunner who operates the rear mounted QJZ89 machine gun, and a passenger who can use his primary weapon and equipment.



Battlefield 4[]

  • The buggies oddly feature an airspeed indicator instead of a speedometer.[1]

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