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Original design of the GP mounted on a Grot B16 FB-A0

The FB GP is a grenade launcher developed by Fabryka Broni Radom for the Polish MSBS Series rifles. A standalone version known as the GS is also available. The GP's original design featured an angled grip but was later abandoned in favor of a more conventional design.[1]

The original design of the FB GP is featured in Battlefield 2042.

Battlefield 2042[]

The FB GP is the standard underbarrel grenade launcher attachment featured in Battlefield 2042. The launcher is available on a variety of weapons and features five different ammunition types: 40mm HE, 40mm Frag, 40mm Smoke, 40mm Incendiary, and 40mm AP. It should be noted that the reload time of FB GP is the longest among similar attachments, although the difference is very small.

Ammunition types are unlocked by obtaining Mastery Levels with a weapon. All ammo types will reduce a weapon's handling status value by 10 points. Additionally, attaching any ammo type to the M5A3 will reduce the weapon's accuracy and range status value by 5 points.

Weapons Compatibility[]

Compatibility List
  • 40mm HE (Mastery 6)
  • 40mm Smoke (Mastery 8)
  • 40mm Incendiary (50 kills with M5A3 40mm HE)
  • 40mm HE (Mastery 9)
  • 40mm Smoke (Mastery 11)
  • 40mm Incendiary (Mastery 12)
  • 40mm Frag (Mastery 9)
  • 40mm Smoke (Mastery 12)
  • 40mm AP (50 kills with LCMG 40mm HE)
  • 40mm Smoke (Mastery 8)
  • 40mm HE (Mastery 10)
  • 40mm Incendiary (50 kills with DM7 40mm HE)
  • 40mm HE (Mastery 10)
  • 40mm AP (Mastery 12)
  • 40mm HE (Mastery 7)
  • 40mm Smoke (50 kills with SWS-10 40mm HE)